Curling Accessories

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Antislider Slip on Gripper

SKU: 10042
Cover your slider with an antislider slip on gripper for traction on the ice.

Curling Stopwatch Retractor

SKU: 10043
Easily access your stopwatch during a game.

Slip On Slider

SKU: 10051
Attach the Slip On Slider to your shoes to slide. Great for beginners! Available in two styles: Black Poly-Ice and White Moulded Nylon.

Step On Slider

SKU: 10053
Use a Step On Slider as an excellent alternative to tape for beginners.

Sliding Tape

SKU: 10050
Use sliding tape on running shoes to teach beginners how to slide. Great for bonspiels!

Flip End

SKU: 10109

Complete Oval Synthetic Curling Brush Head

SKU: 10070
The components to install an oval brush head assembly to your existing broom handle. Select the assembly to fit your 1" or 1-1/8" handle.

Goldline Curling Stopwatch

SKU: 10054
The Goldline Curling stopwatch provides an accurate, easy to read, and economical means to time rocks. The timing function is simple to use. A heavy duty battery ensures long life, even in cold conditions. Split Times.

Rockwatcher Curling Timer

SKU: 10044
Keep rock times with the Rockwatcher. Extra-large numbers. Fastens to brush handle. Split times.

Curling Knee Pad

SKU: 10071
Protect your knee as you slide with a comfortable leather knee pad.

Curling Shoe Toe Coat Kit

SKU: 10058
Simply apply a thick epoxy to your dragging foot. The toe coat reduces drag and protects the toe from wear. Coats up to six shoes.

Universal Curling Lace Cover

SKU: 10092
Reduce drag and protect shoe laces with a lace cover that fits most shoes.

Curling Socks

SKU: 10007
Designed specifically for curling. High performance and wicking properties keep you warm and dry. 50% wool, 26% acrylic, 4% lycra, 20% nylon.

Personal Brush Bag

SKU: 10035
The personal brush bag from Goldline easily holds four brushes, plus accessories.

Curling Duffle Bag with Brush Holster

SKU: 10093
Bag sleeve fastens brush to the side of the bag. Hangs in locker with its own locker hook. Multiple pouches and zippered compartments. Customizable - add your club, event or company logo.