Curling Accessories

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Curling Stopwatch Retractor

SKU: 10043
Easily access your stopwatch during a game.
$10.00 $5.00

Goldline Curling Stopwatch

SKU: 10054
The Goldline Curling stopwatch provides an accurate, easy to read, and economical means to time rocks. The timing function is simple to use. A heavy duty battery ensures long life, even in cold conditions. Split Times.

Curling Shoe Toe Coat Kit

SKU: 10058
The Goldline toe coat kit is used to apply a tough epoxy coating to the toe of a curler’s trailing foot. The coating protects the toe of the shoe from abrasion and provides a more friction free surface to contact the ice.

Curling Brush Head Cover

SKU: 10065
Breathable stretch fabric allows brush head to dry while covered.

Curling Socks

SKU: 10007
Designed specifically for curling, these socks will keep you warm and dry.

Slip On Slider

SKU: 10051
Slip on sliders are designed to be worn over your street or running shoe as a temporary slider.


SKU: 10031
$34.00 $14.00

Antislider Slip on Gripper

SKU: 10042-23
The Goldline antislider is made from a rubber composition specially formulated to provide traction on ice. The antislider is commonly used over the slider foot and removed only during delivery.

Universal Curling Lace Cover

SKU: 10092
The lace cover can be attached easily to any shoe, reducing the drag caused by the laces on the dragging foot. The cover is attached using the existing laces on the shoe.

Rockwatcher Curling Timer

SKU: 10044
The Rockwatcher is a rock timer specifically designed for curling. It fastens to your brush handle for easy access, operation is simple, and the numbers are large and easy to read.

Curling Duffle Bag with Brush Holster

SKU: 10093
Bag sleeve fastens brush to the side of the bag. Hangs in locker with its own locker hook. Multiple pouches and zippered compartments. Customizable - add your club, event or company logo.

Curling Knee Pad

SKU: 10071
The knee pad, sometimes known as a slack saver, is used by curlers who drag their knee during delivery. It protects your slacks and provides some cushioning for your knee.

Complete Oval Synthetic Curling Brush Head

SKU: 10070
The components to install an oval brush head assembly to your existing broom handle. Select the assembly to fit your 1" or 1-1/8" handle.


SKU: 10029
$17.00 $9.00

Sliding Tape

SKU: 10050
Sliding tape is an economical and convenient means of providing casual curlers with a slider. Simply peel off the appropriate length and apply it to the sole of the curler’s street or athletic shoe.