Curling Accessories

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Curling Duffle Bag with Brush Holster

SKU: 10093
  • The perfect curling bag.
  • Bag sleeve fastens brush to the side of the bag.
  • Hangs in locker with its own locker hook.
  • Multiple pouches and zippered compartments.
  • Customizable - add your club, event or company logo.
$63.20 (USD) $47.20 (USD)

Step On Slider

SKU: 10053
  • An excellent alternative to tape for beginners.
  • Upgraded with 1/16" Teflon slider.
$24.00 (USD)

WCF Approved Oval Pro Curling Pad

SKU: 10339
  • Universal oval design fits all traditional oval curling brush heads.
  • Certified to meet WCF specification and approved for use in WCF Championships and Events.
  • Imprinted with WCF Approval Code.
$24.00 (USD)

Sliding Tape

SKU: 10050
  • Economical and convenient means of providing casual curlers with a slider.
  • Simply peel off the appropriate length and apply to the sole of street or athletic shoe.
$23.20 (USD)

Slip On Slider

SKU: 10051
  • Slip on sliders are designed to be worn over your street or running shoe as a temporary slider.
  • Black Teflon.
  • Full length.
$19.20 (USD)

Antislider Slip on Gripper

SKU: 10042-23
  • Made from rubber composition specifically formulated to provide traction on ice.
  • The antislider is commonly used over the slider foot and removed only during delivery.
$13.60 (USD)

Curling Socks

SKU: 10007
  • Designed specifically for curling.
  • High performance and wicking properties keep you warm and dry.
  • 50% wool, 26% acrylic, 20% nylon, 4% lycra.
$12.80 (USD)

Curling Knee Pad

SKU: 10071
  • The knee pad, sometimes known as a slack saver, is used by curlers who drag their knee during delivery.
  • It protects your slacks and provides some cushioning for your knee.
$12.80 (USD)

Universal Curling Lace Cover

SKU: 10092
  • Can be attached easily to any shoe.
  • Reduces drag caused by the laces of the dragging foot.
  • The cover is attached using the existing laces on the shoe.
$7.20 (USD)