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  1. Visions Curling Brush  - Serengetti

    Visions Curling Brush


    Refreshing. Innovative. Composed of 35% carbon fiber and 65% fibreglass. It is 30% lighter than traditional fibreglass brushes.

    Please note that the Butterfly broom is available in 1" handle only and the Fire and Brimestone handles is available in 1-1/8" only"

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  2. Winnipeg Jets Curling Brush

    NHL Brushes


    Combine your passions. NHL brushes are available for each of the seven Canadian teams. The brushes feature light weight composite handles, decorated with the logos and images of your favourite team.

    NHL Curling Brushes

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  3. FG Curling Brush

    FG Curling Brush


    The FG features a strong 1" fibreglass shaft, stationary head and synthetic pad. Learn More
  4. Official National Curling Team Brooms

    Official National Curling Team Brooms


    As seen on TV! Now you can own one too.

    The Official brush of our very own teams.

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  5. Curling Duffle Bag w/ Brush Holster

    Curling Duffle Bag w/ Brush Holster


    The perfect curling bag. Bag sleeve fastens brush to the side of the bag. Hangs in locker with its own locker hook. Multiple pouches and zippered compartments. May be customized with your club, event or company logo. Learn More
  6. FG 360 Curling Brush

    FG 360 Curling Brush


    The FG 360 features a strong 1" or 1-1/8" fibreglass shaft with a 360° rotating head and easily replaceable synthetic oval pad. Learn More
  7. Men's Quantum Z Shoes

    Men's Quantum Z Shoes


    Every so often, an idea is launched that defies convention, pushes through barriers, and extends performance advantages previously unavailable. Introducing the revolutionary Quantum Curling Shoe!

    Quantum Shoes come with a set of upgraded TPR rubber gripper discs for optimal traction.

    Quantum Discs are purchased separately and can be ordered here

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  8. Men's G-Force Curling Shoes - slider

    G-Force - Men's

    Regular Price: $159.00

    Special Price: $99.00

    Men's G FORCE Model Specific Features:

    • Leather upper.
    • 1 /4" flat full length slider.
    • Insulated throughout.
    • Retro Styling.
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  9. Ladies Quantum Z

    Ladies Quantum Z

    Starting at: $260.00

    The Quantum integrated design system (I.D.S.) leaves behind the use of an adhesive to attach a slider and gripper to the sole of the shoe. The adhesive bond has been the standard for generations, however, in addition to delaminating problems, it has bound us to Teflon* as the only material that could be used as a slider. The Quantum employs an innovative mechanical attachment system wherein slider and gripper “disks” are snapped into strategically positioned receptacles in the sole. Learn More
  10. Men's Thermocurl Curling Glove

    Men's Thermocurl Curling Glove


    Ultimate warmth and premium performance. Layered with HIPORA, a unique polyurethane coating that locks in heat and shuts out moisture and cold. Constructed of corded nylon and neoprene with a micro-fleece lining.

    Arguably the highest performance handwear in curling, the Thermocurl is also equipped with the supple grip and durability.

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