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Curling brushes: the Low Down on Carbon Fiber

In an earlier blog post, we outlined the primary differences in curling brushes, with one of the first items mentioned being the material comprising the brush shaft.

Typically brush shafts are made of carbon fiber or fiberglass (or some combination of the two). If we were to draw an analogy with cars, a 100% carbon fiber brush would be the Cadillac, while brushes with shafts containing fiberglass (at Goldline, this would be our Fiberlite brush) would be considered your basic Volkswagon.

Goldline Curling Brushes

Now, truth be told, the Fiberlite brush is a terrific option for many curlers, particularly those who are new to the sport or play primarily for recreation. That being the case, why and when should you consider investing in carbon fiber?

The reason is simple a straightforward: carbon fiber is lighter than fiberglass (see chart below) and the lighter the brush, the more effective your sweeping should be.

1” 11/8”
Carbon Fiber 170 grams 200 grams
Fiberlite 270 grams 300 grams

A difference in weight of 100 grams (just over 3 ounces) may not seem significant, but those who curl more competitively will confirm that using a lighter brush will improve your sweeping. You will be able to apply more pressure using a carbon fiber brush and hence carry a rock further.

Carbon fiber does carry a higher price tag, but if you are thinking about taking your game to the next level, it may well be worth making the investment!

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