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Stand out from the crowd with your own Custom Curling Brooms

Brooms: we sell lots of them at Goldline every year. Both our Fiberlite and Carbon Fiber brooms come in a variety of colours, so our customers are easily able to find a shade which suits their taste.

But what if you are looking for something truly unique?

Goldline Curling Brooms - Official Team Canada Broom Official Team Canada Broom
by Goldline Curling

Back before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Debbie McCormick (a Goldline distributor in the U.S.) approached us wondering how the U.S. Olympic curling teams could set themselves apart. Goldline came up with the idea of doing custom curling brooms, and had unique designs created for each of the American, Canadian and Swiss Olympic curling teams.

We’ve continued to see interest in customization since the Olympics. But ever since we hooked up with Steve Lobel, a senior graphic designer (and part time curler) at Lobel Designs based out of Whitby, Ontario, the level of sophistication in our designs has hit a new peak and we are receiving more calls every week, as customers see Steve’s fantastic creations out on the ice.

This year, we’ve done custom brooms for all the Scots who took part in the Strathcona Cup Tour. At the 2013 national Scotties, Ontario’s Homan team (the Scotties champion) as well as the teams from Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia all used brooms featuring unique images that were specifically designed for them. If you are watching the Brier, you will likewise see all of our Goldline ambassadors (namely the Martin team from Alberta, the Gushue team from Newfoundland, and the Virtue team from Saskatchewan) using customized brooms.

Our most recent accomplishment: designing a broom for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who had a chance to meet the Homan team in Ottawa on Tuesday March 5 and wish them well as they prepare to leave for Riga, Latvia, for the women’s world curling championships.

Stephen Harper with custom curling brush Stephen Harper with custom curling brush from Goldline Curling
Custom Curling Broom for Amarula

Corporations, teams and individuals are looking for ways to make their own statement and stand apart from their rivals. Consider Amarula, a sponsor of numerous curling events. We recently produced a large number of brushes for Amarula.

“We are thrilled with how our custom brooms turned out! The Amarula Brand is really brought to life by the artwork on the brooms. Making a custom Amarula Broom really helped to tie our brand closer to curling and gave us a fun way to put our spirit brand directly in the hands of curlers. They have become quite coveted! Amarula is really proud to be a partner with Goldline in creating such a unique brush for our curling promotions.”
Priya Shah – Special Events and Sponsorship Manager, Amarula/PMA Canada Ltd.

We also do custom imprinted brush pads, subject to a minimum order of 48 pads.

For next season, we will feature information on custom brooms in our catalogue and website. In the interim, if you are interested in learning more about pricing and designs, please contact Erin Flowers at

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