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Dear Dr Goldline: How to Survive the Off-Season

An important note to our readers: Dr. Goldline is not a real doctor, in any way, shape or form; the moniker is used purely for entertainment value. In addition, the views expressed are entirely those of the author and not of management or any other curler.

Question: Dr. Goldline, I absolutely love curling. I just can’t believe the season is over! How am I going to make it through the summer?

Dr. Goldline

Dear reader, you clearly have a curling addiction. But there is help available to you!

It is possible you have recorded some of the games over the course of the last few months, and what better time than this summer to replay some of your favourite shots, with a nice cool beverage in hand? And should your library be incomplete, you can check out some of the games on When I last checked, games from both the men’s and women’s worlds, as well as the Brier and Scotties, were available on the TSN site.

If you really feel the urge to get out onto the ice, you should look into signing up for a summer spiel. There are a number of spiels out in British Columbia. In Ontario, both Gravenhurst and North Bay offer up an event this July. And there are several in the U.S..

Another option for ice time is to consider registering for a summer curling camp. There are a number of camps across the country listed on the CCA’s website.

Curling Fantasy Camp ClinicBrochure for "Fantasy Camp" with Mirjam Ott and Mike Harris

If you want to venture a little bit further out, why not head to beautiful Switzerland this summer? There are a series of clinics being held this summer, with none other than former world champion Mirjam Ott and Olympic silver medalist Mike Harris serving as instructors. You can find more information here.

If getting out on the ice is not possible, there is one thing you should do to support your curling habit over the summer: get fit! Curling is a physically demanding game and you will serve yourself well if you get (or stay) in shape. Back in 2009, John Morris and Dean Gemmell co-wrote an excellent book, Fit to Curl, which highlights the most important elements of physical fitness in curling (note: the first edition of this book has sold out but you may be able to find copies of it at some retail locations. John and Dean do plan to publish a second edition of the book). In the book, the authors highlight the need for good cardiovascular capability; muscular strength, power and endurance; balance; and flexibility. The book also includes a section on nutrition, and provides a comprehensive program that you can follow to ensure you are ready for next season.

Enjoy the golf and I look forward to seeing you again next season!

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