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Delivery Devices for Dummies

Delivery Devices for Dummies

 When you look out at the ice at your club each week, you have undoubtedly noticed that there are several players who are delivering their rock using some form of delivery device (depending on the type of device, these are also referred to as a stabilizer, a crutch or a stick).  Some delivery devices are used by players who stand upright while delivering a rock, while others are used by players who slide out of the hack.

As I understand it, delivery devices first became part of the game when the game expanded to include wheelchair curlers.  In wheelchair curling, players can lean down and deliver the rock with their hand or push the rock using a “stick”.

The reality these days is that there are players out there who, due to knee, hip or back problems, are not comfortably able to get down into the hack and complete a slide delivery.   A “stick” allows these individuals to continue to play the game they love.  At Goldline, we offer a number of options for those who have chosen to use a stick.  The Excaliber features a light weight 1” handle and allows for a clean release every time.  New this year is our Excaliber with a Telescoping Handle, which allows you to adjust the length from 28 inches to 51 inches.  The top of the handle is covered with an attractive foam grip for both warmth and comfort.  For those customers who prefer to have a device which allows them to both deliver and sweep with the same tool, the Saber is the solution.

Now even if physically able to complete a slide delivery, some players still opt to use a delivery device.  The key feature of such an aid is that it ensures that the shoulders remain square and as a result, one’s delivery will be more balanced and stable.  Goldline is pleased to feature a new delivery device, the Scepter, in its product lineup this season.  The Scepter is the same height as the rock.  It features removable feet which allows for easy storage and transport.

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