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May the force – or should I say G Force – be with you!

The G Force is the newest addition to Goldline’s curling shoes.

Men's G Force Curling Shoes from Goldline Men's G Force Curling Shoes

Many of you out there are already familiar with the shoes available from Goldline. The Glide curling shoes are the perfect entry level shoe: they're comfortable and, with a 1/16” inch thick slider, they have speed that is well suited for those who are just seeking to find their balance out on the ice. Our Podium series curling shoes continue to be a top seller. Whether it is the Bronze shoe, with its 3/32” inch slider, the Silver at 5/32” of an inch, or the Gold, which comes with a ¼” slider, we are pretty certain you can find a shoe in the Podium series that will serve you well, whether it be at your next club game or at a provincial or national playdown.

Women's G Force Curling Shoes from Goldline Ladies' G Force Curling Shoes

So you may well be wondering why Goldline felt the need to add the G Force curling shoes to our catalogue. To learn more, we spoke with Doug Flowers, President of Goldline.

Stated Doug, “Our real target for the G Force shoe was the younger curler. We saw many strong curlers coming up through the bantam and junior ranks who were clearly ready for a shoe with a ¼” slider, but the price point on these shoes was really too high for them. Our aim was to produce a high performance shoe with a ¼” slider that would retail for under $200.”

Given the shoe was geared toward the younger crowd, the look was pretty key. The G Force has retro styling and looks more like a skateboard shoe than a golf shoe. At the same time, sacrificing quality to reduce the price was not an option. So, just like Goldline’s other shoes, the G Force is made of leather (as synthetic materials typically do not stand up well to the wear and tear of the game, and do not provide the same degree of warmth as leather).

Many who have examined the shoe first hand comment on the weight of the shoe. The combination of ¼” Teflon and leather do add some weight to the shoe but this is more than offset by the stellar performance and quality of the shoe. Remember this: picking up a shoe is different than wearing it out on the street. And your legs are typically much stronger than your arms, so the weight will not be noticeable once you are out on the ice. Certainly, those who are using the shoe have commented very favourably on its fit and performance.

The G Force: may it be with you!

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