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Getting to know Goldline Ambassador Chris Schille

In just a few short weeks, the Canadian men’s curling championship begins in Edmonton, Alberta. One of the teams vying for the coveted Brier crown is the Saskatchewan squad headed by Brock Virtue.

Chris Schille at Alta Playdowns Chris Schille at Alta Playdowns
Photo by Greg Southam Edmonton Journal

In this week’s newsletter, we introduce you to Goldline ambassador Chris Schille, who plays second on the Virtue team. Chris is no stranger to the Brier, having played as part of Brad Gushue’s Newfoundland team back in 2007 and 2008. But I suspect he will certainly agree that his road to the 2013 Brier will be one he will never forgot, having been expelled from a critical playoff game during the provincial playdowns for using foul language.

We caught up with Chris last week; here’s what he shared with us.

If you weren’t curling what sport would you be playing?
For sure darts. It’s the one thing I’m better than my other teammates at without a doubt. Atmosphere at the events is the best in sport!

Where were you born?
Barrhead, AB. Kidby says there’ss good reason for that. I don’t get it ;)

Where is your current hometown?
Regina, SK. Moskowy calls this Queensland or God’s land or something. Also don’t get it.

What is your "real" job?
Manager/Partner/Estimator/Acct. Carpet Superstores. I do it all, similar to my curling team

When did you start curling?
Full time when I was 13 after watching the world juniors in Red Deer. How could I not play a sport that Heather Godberson was playing?

Who is your favourite athlete?
Derek Jeter, no explanation needed.

Where is your favourite place to curl?
At the Brier. There’s nothing like it and I can’t wait for Edmonton. Best event, best city to have it.

What is your favourite food?
Qdoba tacos with Mexican soup in Phoenix.

Where is your favourite vacation spot?
See above. I really question my sanity for living in this climate when that paradise exists just 3 hours south.

What is your favourite TV show?
I watch lots of crime shows but I think I look the most forward to The Mentalist.

What are you listening to on your iPod?
Nothing cause I’m answering these questions.

Who is your favourite curler other than yourself?
Does Russ Howard still count? He’s the man.

Who is your role model?
That’s tough, Tiger Woods maybe… But for what reason?

Have you ever been in a bar fight?
Hell no, I wouldn’t last 10 seconds. I cause them then run like mad

Who is your celebrity crush?
Jennifer Love Hewitt, always.

What is your favourite book?
Theo Fleury’s book is fantastic. Tie with John Daly’s though.

What is your favourite movie?
Gonna go with Poolhall Junkies, hustling at its best.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would they title it?
Oh god I don’t know…. “Let it Fly” or “Off the Hook” yikes…

If you could be anyone dead or alive who would you be?
Ben Hebert. Who wouldn’t?

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
I would be Ben Hebert… isn’t that the same question? #rich

Who is the best curler to follow on Twitter?
Is this section dedicated to @bennyheebz?

What is your favourite sports team?
The pride of sports - the New York Yankees.

What is your preferred shot to win a game?
Sour Jack.

What is one of your favourite quotes?
Don’t wish time away, this is the fun part ~ Mark Nichols. I’ve lived by this since 2007.

What is your favourite body part
Let me google a good one……. Pharynx

What is your favourite form of exercise?
Golfing. There was a great info session on how many calories you burn walking a course, something I’ve never done. Cart always.

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
29, as in I have 6 days left, please freeze time.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
A back flip

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