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Goldline Exclusive: NHL Curling Brushes

It was nearing midnight on a Friday night in Summerside, PEI when we unveiled the newest Goldline product to take the curling world by storm.

Kevin Martin had a draw to the button in an extra end to win his game and to qualify for the playoffs at the Players Championship. But there was something else on the line: a Goldline photo shoot. We knew it could go one of two ways depending on whether Kevin won or lost: whether or not all of our planning paid off came down to his final shot.

The crowd, in dead silence as Kevin lined up and then released his rock, roared as the rock slid down the ice and into the house for the win! Our fantastic photographer, Anil Mungal, immediately sprang into action to setup his cameras and lighting. We had helmets, skates, and a referee’s jersey ready for Kevin to slip on at the end of the sheet. He had another game first thing the next morning and timing was tight!!

Kevin's Third, Johnny Mo, was quickly thrown some gear. We thought the cheer was loud when Kevin made his shot, but the crowd really went wild when John slipped on his Maple Leafs jersey! Cameras were flashing already.

The final member of our shoot, Chelsea Carey, rushed onto the ice in her Winnipeg Jets jersey and was in position in no time! Watch out Jets – you might have a new forward in town…

The fans all stayed late even though games were all over, and the top curlers came back out from the change rooms to see what was going on. What was the buzz all about?

Kevin Martin came out looking like Kerry Fraser himself. Our ‘ref’ jumped out on the Slam ice with his skates and gave us a little twirl. Johnny and Chelsea rushed into position and we were ready to shoot as they took their stance in the faceoff circle, holding what is now one of the most sought out new products in the curling industry: the official NHL curling brush.

What a night it was! Johnny, a hardcore Leafs fan, and Chelsea, born and raised a Winnipeg Jets’ fan, couldn’t have had more fun! Kevin managed to hold up the 42 pound “puck” just long enough to get some incredible shots to help promote something he is really excited about.

The new NHL Series of Curling Brushes from Goldline Curling is here


We are pleased to announce the NHL Series from Goldline Curling. This exciting new lineup of curling brushes features light weight 1 1/8" composite handles, and designs showing off any one of your favourite Canadian NHL teams. Current design options are:

  • Calgary Flames
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Montreal Canadians
  • Ottawa Senators
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Winnipeg Jets
  • Vancouver Canucks

These initial designs will be available starting in November, with additional team designs coming soon!

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