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Several Shades of Rummy?

If "Several Shades of Rummy?" were the title of a book, it would be one about the life of Rob Rumfeldt. Perhaps Rob Rumfedlt is not a name you are familiar with, but stay tuned. Rob and his southern Ontario team mates (most call Guelph home) expect to be challenging for the Ontario curling crown in the years ahead.

The team, comprised of skip Rob Rumfeldt, vice Adam Spencer, second Scott Hodgson, lead Greg Robinson and fifth Jeff Robinson, has been together for about 5 years (Adam only joined the team last year) and has been inching up the standings each year. They have a busy schedule this season: they have already played in the OCT Championship and the KW Fall Classic and in the weeks and months ahead, you’ll see them battle out on the ice at the Stu Sells Tankard (Toronto) from October 5-8; the Huron ReproGraphics Oil Heritage (Sarnia) from October 26-28; the Mount Lawn Gord Carroll Classic (Whitby) from November 1-4; and then The Masters (formerly the Sun Life Classic; in Brantford) from November 15-19.

Goldline wishes Rob and his entire team much success this season. With good play and a bit of luck, we will be cheering them on at the men’s Tankard in Barrie from February 4-10, 2013, and hopefully again at the Brier!

To help you get to know the players a bit better, here are some excerpts from our recent interviews with the team:

Q: If you weren’t curling, what sports would you be playing?
Scott – Soccer: in a dream world, I would be playing for Manchester United
Jeff – Lawn bowling

Q: If you could be anyone dead or alive, who would you be?
Greg – Richard Branson
Adam – Eddie Vedder

Q: What is your favourite body part?
Greg – the last few hairs left on the top of my head
Jeff – I am fond of them all

Q: What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Rob – Invest it
Adam – Play a lot more golf
Greg – Spend it in a week

Q: What is one of your favourite quotes?
Scott – Dreams are free so you might as well dream big.
Jeff – It is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

Q: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Rob – Aside from parenting, physiotherapy after breaking most of the bones in my hand/wrist
Scott – Tried to get somewhere without a GPS

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