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Skins, Juniors and Perth Masters

TSN Skins Wrapped up yesterday, if you haven't followed up yet, Anil Mungal of The Curling News had coverage all weekend.  Koe wrapped up the title with a big shot in the 8th end, in another game they control but came down to the last end yet again. Globe and Mail wrap here.

In other exciting news coming out of Rama, The Dominion will take over the sponsorship of the TSN Skins game, bumping it back to $100,000 and offering the fans a way to vote in their favourite players. Another interesting concept and I'm looking forward to it. Fans pitch in with their thoughts here.

Luke Coley of The Examiner also has some thoughts on fixing the time issues seen in the final Skins game.

Kyle Doering upset heavily favoured and undefeated Joey Witherspoon in the Manitoba Junior Men's final, and will be representing the province at the M&M Junior Championships in Napanee, Ontario.

Doering 16, along with  third Colton Lott, 16, second Kyle Kurz, 16 and lead Lucas Van Den Bosch 17, sends a young representative to Nationals that if they're not competitive this year, will gain immense experience towards building an young dynasty in Manitoba.

Manotick's Jamie Sinclair captured the Ontario Junior Women's title, while the Brett Dekoning rink won the Men's title.

Scotties Qualifying in Alberta, sees Casey Scheidegger (story) and Lisa Eyamie (story) earn the first two Southern berths, while in the North, Val Sweeting, Candace Wanechko and Jessie Kaufman earned the three spots. Renee Sonnenberg returns to the Provincials after a very strong cash season.

Mike McEwen won his second consecutive Mecure Perth Masters in Scotland, downing Thomas Ulsrud 6-2 in the final. Three other Canadian teams participated, with Brad Gushue and Steve Laycock both reaching the Semifinals and James Grattan of New Brunswick bowing out early in the C Event.

Some Quick Hitters:

In China, team Wang fixture Yin Liu is not expected to return to the team, while her former teammates struggle to find the form that had with her in the lineup. Games took place last week at the Chinese Winter Games, where 8 Men's teams and 7 Women's teams battled for the Chinese title. Icemaker Jonathan Penney of Brockville, Ontario is in Jilin, overseeing the event.

In some United States coverage, the Men's International in Detroit took place this past weekend, won by a team from Forest, Ontario.

The RA Centre in Ottawa will host the Canadian National Wheelchair Championships in March. A big thank-you from the sport to Eric Eales, as his work on the Wheelchair Blog comes to a conclusion after many years of service to the sport.

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