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Fiberlite Curling broom

  • The Fiberlite curling broom is the most effective broom for the price and far and away the most popular broom on the market.
  • The Fiberlite is a composite of 35% carbon fiber and 65% fibreglass.
  • Lighter than wood or fireglass handles.
  • Full rotating head, effective pad, and attractive graphics.
  • Available in a choice of 7-colours.


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Whether you’re a new curler or a seasoned curler, you will find the features of the Fiberlite appealing. The handle is a composite of 35% carbon fiber and 65% fiberglass, making it 30% lighter than traditional fiberglass brooms. The light weight renders it easier to push, more efficiently converting your energy to effective brooming.

The Fiberlite broom comes with a variety of great custom graphics, and there’s a wide selection of colour choices. The plastic head features full 360 degree rotation and incorporates a full sliding bar to facilitate a stable delivery.

You can now appreciate why the price/feature combination has made Fiberlite the number one broom choice throughout the world.

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