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Horse Hair Head Curling Brush


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Women's Quantum Z Curling Shoes

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  • The top model in the Quantum line.
  • Distinguished by white leather uppers and carbon fiber reinforcement in the instep.
  • Features a disc based slider system, slider discs sold separately.
  • Worn by elite curlers such as Brad Jacobs, Kaitlyn Lawes and Alina Paetz.
  • All Quantum shoes require two sets of discs, one for each foot. We provide one set of gripper discs with each pair of shoes and you must then purchase a set of slider discs for your sliding foot. Alternatively, you may purchase a 2nd set of gripper discs if you are going to be using these as "double gripper" shoes.
$239.00 (CAD) $155.00 (CAD)