Fiberlite Curling Brush

The Fiberlite curling brush is the most effective brush for the price and far and away the most popular brush on the market. It has all the desired features: relatively light weight, a full rotating head, effective pad, and attractive graphics.


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Whether you’re a new curler or a seasoned curler, you will find the features of the Fiberlite appealing. The handle is a composite of 35% carbon fiber and 65% fiberglass, making it 30% lighter than traditional fiberglass brushes. The light weight renders it easier to push, more efficiently converting your energy to effective brushing.

The Fiberlite brush comes with a variety of great custom graphics, and there’s a wide selection of colour choices. The plastic head features full 360 degree rotation and incorporates a full sliding bar to facilitate a stable delivery.

You can now appreciate why the price/feature combination has made Fiberlite the number one brush choice throughout the world.
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