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Excaliber Curling Delivery Stick with Telescoping Handle

  • Cleanest release of any delivery device.
  • Telescoping handle is made of a tough but light aluminum and adjusts from 40" to 68.5".
  • 1" FG handle is available.
  • Fits all rock handles.


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If you are either unable to get down and throw from the hack, or simply choose not to do so, delivery sticks offer a highly effective option. Delivery sticks take some practise, however once mastered, your weight and accuracy match that of the traditional hack delivery.

You can choose from two models, one with a fixed 1” fiberglass handle, and a second with a light, telescoping aluminum handle. The telescoping model extends in length from 40” to 68.5”, making it easy to carry or store in a small locker, The top section of the aluminum handle is covered with an attractive foam grip, providing comfort and ease of use.