Grippers and Sliders

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Antislider Slip on Gripper

SKU: 10042
Cover your slider with an antislider slip on gripper for traction on the ice.

Quantum Slider Discs

SKU: 10084

With four different speeds to choose from, Quantum Slider Discs allow you to personalize your Quantum Curling Shoes to match your curling abilities. Get started by picking the speed you are most comfortable with.

If you ever want to change to another speed you can give your shoes new life by simply pick up a new set of discs. All you have to do is pop out the old discs and replace them with your new ones.


Slip On Slider

SKU: 10051
Attach the Slip On Slider to your shoes to slide. Great for beginners! Available in two styles: Black Poly-Ice and White Moulded Nylon.

Step On Slider

SKU: 10053
Use a Step On Slider as an excellent alternative to tape for beginners.

Sliding Tape

SKU: 10050
Use sliding tape on running shoes to teach beginners how to slide. Great for bonspiels!

Quantum Gripper Discs

SKU: 10085-01

Quantum Gripper Discs snap into the sole of either foot on Quantum Curling Shoes. The discs are made of a high traction rubber moulded over a plastic base.

Gripper discs come in sets of seven and are designed to provide optimal traction on the ice. These discs are available for purchase separately in case you need to purchase a replacement set or if you would like to curl with double grippers (grippers on both feet).

One set of Quantum Gripper Discs is already included with each pair of Quantum shoes purchased.