Curling Heads & Pads

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The Norway Curling Pad

SKU: 10033
The Norway pad has won more championships all over the world than all other pads combined. Waterproof cover fabric with optimal surface texturing render the pad “fast”, but effective, while the “peak and valley” pattern both polishes and cleans the pebble.

Oval Synthetic Curling Pad

SKU: 10055
The Goldline pad will fit the majority of oval-headed brushes.

Curling Brush Head Cover

SKU: 10065
Breathable stretch fabric allows brush head to dry while covered.


SKU: 10031
$34.00 $10.00


SKU: 10029
$17.00 $9.00

Complete Oval Synthetic Curling Brush Head

SKU: 10070
The components to install an oval brush head assembly to your existing broom handle. Select the assembly to fit your 1" or 1-1/8" handle.

Complete Oval Horse Hair Head

SKU: 10262
All the components to install an oval hair head on your existing 1 1/8" broom handle. Includes both the metal mounting bracket and the replacement oval horse hair head.

Note that while the oval horse hair head is great for sweeping, it is not ideal for sliding. You will require a 2nd broom or a stablizer for sliding.

Replacement Oval Horse Hair Head

SKU: 10069
Replacement hair head works well for sweeping in frosty ice conditions. This is a replacement for a Goldline oval horse hair head only and does not include a mounting bracket. If you require a mounting bracket as well, please purchase the complete oval horse hair head. Not compatible with any other mounting bracket.