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Podium Bronze Curling Shoes

  • Leather upper.
  • 3/32" non-hinged flat slider.
  • Built-in lateral stability enhances balance and delivery of the curling rock.
  • Air cushioned, insulated sole ensures warmth on ice.
  • Available in right hand and left hand.


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SKU: 10037
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$149.00 (CAD)
$112.00 (CAD)

The Podium Bronze series curling shoes equip curlers with footwear that optimizes performance and comfort. It is aimed at the entry level curler.

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Universal Curling Lace Cover

SKU: 10092
  • Can be attached easily to any shoe.
  • Reduces drag caused by the laces of the dragging foot.
  • The cover is attached using the existing laces on the shoe.
$9.00 (CAD)

Men's Quantum X Curling Shoes

SKU: 10077-01
  • Distinguished by the black leather uppers and instep.
  • Features a disc based slider system, slider discs sold separately.
  • Worn by elite curlers such as Brad Jacobs, Kaitlyn Lawes and Alina Paetz.
  • All Quantum shoes require two sets of discs, one for each foot. We provide one set of gripper discs with each pair of shoes and you must then purchase a set of slider discs for your sliding foot. Alternatively, you may purchase a 2nd set of gripper discs if you are going to be using these as "double gripper" shoes.
$239.00 (CAD) $155.00 (CAD)

Women's Tyro Curling Shoes

SKU: 10174-02
  • Great choice for intermediate and entry-level curlers.
  • Fixed black Teflon slider.
  • Comfortable man-made upper.
  • New rubber gripper composition affords better traction.
  • Available in right-hand delivery only.
$139.00 (CAD)

Glide Double Gripper Curling Shoes

SKU: 10072
  • Leather upper with white accents.
  • Gripper on both feet, so there is no slider on these shoes.
  • Insulated throughout.
$109.00 (CAD) $73.00 (CAD)