Step On Slider

  • An excellent alternative to tape for beginners.
  • Upgraded with 1/16" Teflon slider.


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$39.00 (CAD)

An excellent alternative to tape for beginners. The step on slider simply comes with one side that grips your street shoe and one side with a 1/16" teflon slider.

The step on slider works beautifully on the ice. On delivery they stay firmly under foot, even when toe sliding.

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  • For most brooms currently on the market you should be able to remove your existing head and upgrade to the Air Head 2.0. We have both 1" and 1 1/8" options available to fit your existing handle.
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Curling Duffle Bag with broom Holster

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  • Assists balance when delivering the rock, allowing for accurate delivery.
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Men's Mojo Curling Pants

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