Quantum Slider Discs

With four different speeds to choose from, Quantum Slider Discs allow you to personalize your Quantum Curling Shoes to match your curling abilities. Get started by picking the speed you are most comfortable with.

If you ever want to change to another speed you can give your shoes new life by simply pick up a new set of discs. All you have to do is pop out the old discs and replace them with your new ones.

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Quantum Slider Discs are at the core of the Quantum Shoe system. The discs are sold in sets of seven and are available with four different speed ratings.

Speed 3

Speed 3 Quantum Sliding Discs are the slowest discs available and are made of polyethylene. These discs are ideal for curlers who are new to the sport. The speed of this material is approximately equivalent to a 1/16" teflon slider.

Speed 6

Speed 6 Quantum Sliding Discs are made of Goldline's exclusive Poly-Ice material, with the speed 6 discs being roughly equivalent to a 3/32" (medium) Teflon slider. This speed is appropriate for average to intermediate curlers. If you have been curling for a couple years and curl once or twice a week you will probably feel very comfortable with Speed 6 Quantum Sliding Discs.

Speed 10

Speed 10 Quantum Sliding Discs are made of the same Poly-Ice material as our Speed 6 sliders, but they are thicker and therefore roughly equivalent to a 3/16" (thick) Teflon slider. These are a great option for more experienced curlers who have been curling for several years and likely curl 2 or 3 times per week.

Speed 12

Speed 12 Quantum Sliding Discs are made of stainless steel are the fastest sliders we have available and are actually faster than any Teflon slider. Here's what Doug Flowers, President of Goldline Curling, has to say about the Speed 12 Quantum Sliding Discs:

If you have experience with a full slider of any type, don't be a afraid to give steel a try. It is definitely quick, however the Quantum is so stable that it is easy to get accustomed to. I curl in a competitive senior league with a number of accomplished senior curlers. The steel discs have given them their slide back, with no complaints of instability.

Speed RatingMaterialEquivalent toAppropriate for
Speed 3Polyethylene1/16" TeflonNovice / First time curlers
Speed 6Poly-Ice3/32" (medium) TeflonAverage / Intermediate curlers
Speed 10Poly-Ice3/16" (thick) TeflonAccomplished / Experienced curlers
Speed 12Stainless SteelFaster than any TeflonExperienced / Elite


Curling sliders require a material that has the following characteristics:

  • abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction (ie slippery)
  • Bondable (we need to glue it to the sole of a shoe)
  • Affordable

POLY-ICE is a patented high tech plastic developed to have these qualities. If you’re a techie, it is an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) impregnated with silicone.

We use it in two thicknesses, 1/16” on the Speed 6 Quantum Sliding Discs and the Tyro Curling Shoes, and 3/32” on the Speed 10 Quantum Sliding Discs and the Podium Silver 2.0 Curling Shoes. Since the surface is harder than that on Teflon, any given thickness tends to be faster than the equivalent thickness of Teflon. The thin version therefore provides speeds similar to 3/32” (medium) Teflon, whereas the thicker version provides speeds similar to 3/16” (thick) Teflon while being lighter.