Introducing you to our Goldline Ambassador: Rick Sawatsky

They are some of the most important players out on the ice: Lindsay Titheridge, Rick Sawatsky, Samantha Preston, Dallan Muyres, Chelsey Matson.

Wait one minute... these people are important?

Absolutely! These people are very important to Chelsea Carey, Jim Cotter, Crystal Webster, Steve Laycock, and Shannon Kleibrink respectively, as they play the position of lead for these esteemed skips.

There is no such thing as a lowly lead! The lead makes or breaks a game. If you are behind on the scoreboard and need to generate some offence, your lead better be able to get some guards into the free guard zone. If you’re ahead in the game and your opposition successfully puts up a guard, it is the lead who will likely be called upon for the gentle tick shot to nudge that opposition stone over to the side of the sheet.

In addition to shot making ability, the lead is part of the “lean mean sweeping machine” that we normally refer to as the front end. Fitness and good judgment are required to fill this important role.

This week, we’re proud to introduce you Goldline Ambassador Rick Sawatsky, who plays lead for Jim Cotter of British Columbia. Goldline wishes the entire team the best of luck for the balance of this season and hopes to see them representing British Columbia at the 2013 Brier!

If you weren’t curling what sport would you be playing?
Golf, hockey or tennis.

Where were you born?
Sioux Lookout Ontario

What is your current hometown?
Kelowna BC

What's your full time job?
Utilities Technician with Corix Utilities.

When did you start curling?

Who is your favourite athlete?
Carey Price

Where is your favourite place to curl?
Any full arena

What is your favourite food?
Bacon. I wish it was good for you.

Where is your favourite vacation spot?
Anywhere hot and tropical

What is your favourite TV show?
The Simpsons and Modern Family

What are you listening to on your iPod?
Tom Petty, Beastie Boys, Tragically Hip, The Police.

Who is your favourite curler other than yourself?
Jim Cotter

Who is your role model?
Pat Ryan

Have you ever been in a bar fight?
No, but I’ve prevented a few.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Mila Kunis

What is your favourite book?
Open (Andre Agassi autobiography)

What is your favourite movie?
Fletch or Old School.

If you could be anyone dead or alive who would you be?
Bill Gates

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Who is the best curler to follow on twitter?
No idea, I think Tyrel tweets so probably him.

What is your favourite sports team?
Montreal Canadiens

What is your preferred shot to win a game?
Draw to the can.

What is one of your favourite quotes?
"Its not always what you make, its what you leave."

What is your favourite body part?
all the erogenous areas

What is your favourite form of exercise?
playing other sports

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
I would say 29.

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