Meet Goldline Ambassador: Geri-Lynn Ramsay

It’s a classic case of East meets West. Crystal Webster’s current team formed in 2011, when Erin Carmody (vice) and Geri-Lynn Ramsay (second) moved out west from their PEI homes to join forces with Crystal and lead Sam Preston. At last year’s Alberta Scotties’ playdowns, the team made it to the final game before losing to Heather Nedohin, who would ultimately move on to win the national Scotties crown.

The team has had a solid start to the year, and now sits in 9th place in the CTRS Standings. They will begin their run for the Alberta provincial title on January 23, at the Lethbridge Curling Club. We wish the entire team the best of luck during the playdowns.

Goldline had the chance to speak with the team earlier this year. Here’s our interview with Geri-Lynn Ramsay.

If you weren’t curling what sport would you be playing?
Golf or Tennis

Where were you born?
Summerside, PEI

What's your current hometown?
Calgary, AB

What's your full time job?
Server at Vintage Chophouse and Tavern and professional curler!!

When did you start curling?

Who is your favourite athlete?
Tom Brady

Where is your favourite place to curl?
At the Scotties! Doesn’t matter where they are! Playing in arena with TV
coverage is a lot of fun!

What's your favourite food?
Turkey dinner or chicken fingers and fries! 

Where's your favourite vacation spot?
Prince Edward Island

What's your favourite TV show?
Private Practice for a serious pick and for a funny pick New Girl!

What are you listening to on your iPod?
Nothing I am too lazy to download music and potentially to cheap to buy from iTunes! Buuuuut it would be Taylor Swift

Who is your favourite curler other than yourself?
Crystal Webster :D

Have you ever been in a bar fight?

Do you have a celebrity crush?
Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth ooor Bradley Cooper

What's your favourite book?
To be honest … Not much of a reader beyond twilight a long time ago haha

What's your favourite movie?
Catch and Release

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would they title it?
Uuuuh? Im sure if there was a book written about me I could pay someone to pick a title? haha

If you could be anyone dead or alive who would you be?
Bill Gates cause he is super rich.

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Hire a financial advisor probably haha go on some trips, buy some stuff for my family and me of course But would put half of it in the bank.

Who is the best curler to follow on twitter?
@team_webster obviously! 

Favourite sports team?
New England Patriots!

Preferred shot to win a game?
Draw to the pin (for my skip of course!)

What is one of your favourite quotes?
Not really a quote person. I am sure I could google some good ones tho!!

What is your favourite body part?
That is potentially one of the weirdest questions haha Eyes I guess or legs those come in handy..

Favourite form of exercise?
Curling aka sweeping!! Way more fun than bicep curls.

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
The age I am now I suppose …23, so far so good!

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
Moved across the country away from my family.

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