Put your best Fashion Foot Forward

NOTE: This post was originally published on Oct. 30, 2013

Put your best Fashion Foot Forward

The curling season is underway.  You have dusted off your shoes and taken your first practice slides out on the ice.  You’ve put a new pad on your brush (perhaps a Norway pad?) and you’re ready to sweep every rock thrown by your team mates.  What else is there to do?

Well, look like a rock star when you step out onto the ice.  At Goldline, we have a great assortment of apparel for both men and women that is comfortable, functional and fashionable.

For the ladies out there, we have 3 styles of pants for you to choose from.  The Kalynn is an extremely comfortable yoga-style pant.  The GLX has been around for several years and continues to be one of our best sellers.  New this year is the Savannah which is stylish and features a pin-stripe fabric.

Male curlers also have three styles of pant to choose from: the MoJo (designed with input from Goldline ambassador John Morris), the GLX, as well as the GQ  (note: the GQ pant is also very popular with our female customers).

When it comes to jackets, we feature two styles for both men and women.  The Oslo jacket is a two-tone textured fleece jacket, which is available in four colour combinations: black with charcoal, black with red, red with black, and black with emerald green.

New to our lineup this year is the Lillehammer.  Colour options for the Lillehammer are black/charcoal/white, black/royal blue/white, and black/emerald green/white.  Both styles of jacket are machine washable and affordable.

Goldline has also introduced a new top to its line of apparel this season.  The Sierra is a long sleeved, brushed, quarter zip top made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Soft and cozy doesn’t even begin to describe how this top will feel against your skin.  The Sierra is available in black only.

You can purchase Goldline apparel and equipment at any one of our four retail stores, or shop on-line at

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