Understand the difference between types of curling brushes and replacement brush heads

Curling Brushes


Lighter brushes are easier to push and therefore more effective. The main variable in terms of weight is the handle. There are basically four types of handle available. From heaviest to lightest these are

  • Wood
  • Fibreglass
  • Composite (fibreglass and carbon fiber)
  • Pure carbon fiber.

Given today’s advanced materials, wood and 100% fibreglass (over 400 gms) are simply too heavy. Goldline offers composite and carbon fiber, each differentiated by weight and price.

The following table shows the relative handle weights:

  1" 1 ⅛"
Carbon Fiber 170 g 200 g
Fiberlite 270g 300g

Replacement Brush Heads Replacement Brush Heads

Synthetic vs. Hair

Testing has shown hair and synthetic heads to be equally effective in regular conditions. Some feel hair is more effective in frosty conditions. Such conditions exist at televised events where TV lights and crowds create a warm environment and ultimately frost on the ice.

Such conditions seldom exist in club play. Hair is a natural fiber subject to breaking, and the effect of a rock running over a hair can be profound. Goldline hair heads are pure horsehair and the hair is set with epoxy to minimize hair loss.

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