Air Elite Pad

  • Air Elite pads have a velcro backing that is compatible with the original Air Head.
  • The Air Elite Pad is designed as a fabric over foam and weighs a mere 15 grams. One seventh of the weight of conventional pads.
  • Pad replacement simply involves pulling up on the tab to remove the old pad, then press another into place. It's that easy.
  • If you have an Air Head 2.0 your pad will attach with a snap-fit method instead of velcro. Compatible pads for the Air Head 2.0 are Airway pads and Air Pro pads.


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$22.00 (CAD)

The Air Pad is designed to work with the The Air Head. It features a simple design of fabric over foam and weighs a mere 15 grams. One seventh the weight of conventional pads.

The Air Head employs aerospace technology - honeycomb construction with advanced materials that reduce weight while optimizing strength and durability.

To replace the pad, simply pull up on the tab to remove the old one, then press another into place. It's that easy.

Goldline Curling currently offers the Air Elite pad, which is designed to conform with WCF curling broom regulations in regards to size, foam and performance specifications. Air Elite Pads even feature the same type of fabric specified by the WCF, just in a variety of non-approved colours.

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