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Fiberlite Air Broom: Steel 1 1/8 Inch

  • Fiberlite Air curling broom handles are a composite with high strength to weight ratio. Their light weight and attractive price point make Fiberlite brooms the most popular type of curling broom for the recreational market.
  • Equipped with the innovative Air Head 2.0, featuring a spring lock system for quick head replacement, and a snap system that facilitates quick and easy pad replacement.
  • Includes an Airway pad, the evolution of the renowned Norway Pad. Offers optimal dependability and effectiveness for the recreational curler.
  • The Air Head 2.0 has been approved for use in WCF sanctioned events when paired with an Air Pro pad (sold separately).


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Goldline's all new Fiberlite Air 2.0 curling brooms are simply the most innovative and effective sweeping tool available. In terms of weight and strength, the carbon fiber composite features an impressive strength to weight ratio, and the all new Air Head 2.0 features advanced material and honey comb construction rendering it both light and durable.

The biggest factor that impacts curling broom pricing is the weight of the handle. Composite handles are mid-range handles, and they are lighter than the basic FG models, which are made from Fiberglass, but a bit heavier than the 100% Carbon Fiber top-of-the-line alternative.

The Air Head 2.0 features two all new innovations: a spring lock system for quick head replacement, and a snap system that facilitates quick and easy pad replacement.

Each Fiberlite Air comes equipped with an Air 2.0 head and Airway pad. The Airway pad is the evolution of the renowned Norway Pad. These pads offer optimal dependability and effectiveness for the recreational curler.

If you find yourself playing in an event or league that requires WCF compliant brooms, simply swap your Airway pad out for our WCF approved Air Pro pad, and your Fiberlite Air broom will be fully compliant.

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