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FG 360 Rotating Curling Brush

  • FG curling brushes, features durability, effectiveness and attractive pricing.
  • Offers value for the casual and cost conscious curler.
  • The 360 model features a full rotating head.
  • Available in 1" or 1 1/8" diameter.


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$79.00 (CAD)

The FG is sometimes referred to as an entry brush because it affords all the utility required by a curler, however at a value price. Should you choose the 360 model, you get the same rotating head as used on our premium brushes. The essential difference is the handle – in the case of FG brushes it is fiberglass – very strong, but a little heavier than carbon fiber or composite. Should you choose the FG model, you get a durable stationary head and the proven nylon pad. Either model is suitable for the individual curler or as a club “rack” brush for rentals and casual curlers.

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