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Curling Heads & Pads

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Complete Oval Horse Hair Head

SKU: 10262
  • All the components to install an oval hair head on your existing 1 1/8" broom handle.
  • Includes both metal mounting bracket and replacement oval horse hair head.
  • The oval horse hair head is great for sweeping in frosty conditions.
  • The oval horse hair head is not ideal for sliding.

Replacement Oval Horse Hair Head

SKU: 10069
  • Replacement oval horse hair head, works well for sweeping in frosty ice conditions.
  • Does not include a mounting bracket.
  • If bracket is required please purchase the complete oval horse hair head brush.
  • Not compatible with any other mounting bracket.

Excaliber Curling Delivery Stick - Head Only

SKU: 10010
  • Cleanest release of any delivery device.
  • This Excaliber head will fit your existing 1" handle.
  • We also offer a 1" FG handle or Telescoping handle versions.
  • Fits all rock handles.

The Norway Curling Pad

SKU: 10033
  • Waterproof cover fabric with optimal surface texturing render the Norway Pad “fast” and effective.
  • “Peak and valley” ridge pattern both polishes and cleans the pebble.
  • Great for recreational curlers.
  • Compatible with traditional Goldline Oval Head.
  • Available in a variety of colours, including high visibility fluorescent orange and lime.

WCF Approved Oval Pro Curling Pad

SKU: 10339
  • Universal oval design fits all traditional oval curling brush heads.
  • Certified to meet WCF specification and approved for use in WCF Championships and Events.
  • Imprinted with WCF Approval Code.

Oval Synthetic Curling Pad

SKU: 10055
  • Traditional oval synthetic head.
  • Great option for recreational curlers.
  • Compatible with Goldline's traditional Oval Head.
  • Available in 7 colour choices.

Air Pad

SKU: 10314
  • The Air Pad is designed as a fabric over foam and weighs a mere 15 grams. One seventh of the weight of conventional pads.
  • Pad replacement simply involves pulling up on the tab to remove the old pad, then press another into place. It's that easy.
  • Works exclusively with the all new Air Head from Goldline Curling.
  • Air Elite Pads are designed to conform with WCF specifications in regards to size, foam and performance specifications. They even feature the same type of fabric specified by the WCF, just in a variety of non-approved colours.

Curling Brush Head Cover

SKU: 10065
  • Breathable stretch fabric allows brush head to dry while covered.
  • Protects your brush from dirt and salt.