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Air Head with Airway Pad

  • Upgrade your existing curling broom and take advantage of the all new Air Head and Airway pad!
  • The innovative Air Head 2.0, featuring a spring lock system for quick head replacement, and a snap system that facilitates quick and easy pad replacement.
  • Includes an Airway pad, the evolution of the renowned Norway Pad. Offers optimal dependability and effectiveness for the recreational curler.
  • The Air Head 2.0 has been approved for use in WCF sanctioned events when paired with an Air Pro pad (sold separately).
  • For most brooms currently on the market you should be able to remove your existing head and upgrade to the Air Head 2.0. We have both 1" and 1 1/8" options available to fit your existing handle.
  • With a pad attached, the Air Head 2.0 is roughly 40% lighter compared to a traditional Oval head.
$59.00 (CAD)

Airway Curling Pad

  • The evolution of the renowned Norway Pad.
  • Optimal dependability and effectiveness for the recreational curler.
  • The all new snap fit is compatible with the Air Head 2.0 and enables quick and easy pad replacement.
$23.00 (CAD)

WCF Approved Air Pro Curling Pad

  • The Air Pro Curling Pad from Goldline conforms with WCF Specifications.
  • WCF Approved Design. Certified for use in WCF Championships and Events, and any leagues/events that require WCF Certified pads.
  • Snap fit provides quick & easy pad replacement
  • Compatible with Air Head 2.0 snap-fit models.
$26.00 (CAD)

Norway Curling Pad

  • Waterproof cover fabric with optimal surface texturing render the Norway Pad “fast” and effective.
  • “Peak and valley” ridge pattern both polishes and cleans the pebble.
  • Great for recreational curlers.
  • Compatible with traditional Goldline Oval Head.
  • Available in a variety of colours, including high visibility fluorescent orange and lime.
$30.00 (CAD)

WCF Approved Oval Pro Curling Pad

  • Universal oval design fits all traditional oval curling broom heads.
  • Certified to meet WCF specification and approved for use in WCF Championships and Events.
  • Imprinted with WCF Approval Code.
$30.00 (CAD)

Excaliber Curling Delivery Stick - Head Only

  • Cleanest release of any delivery device.
  • This Excaliber head will fit your existing 1" handle.
  • We also offer an excaliber already installed on a 1" FG handle.
  • Fits all rock handles.
$45.00 (CAD)

NHL Curling broom Imprinted Pads

SKU: 10031
  • Embedded ink will not rub off or affect performance.
  • Willl fit the majority of oval head brooms.
  • Choose from your favourite Canadian NHL team.
$34.00 (CAD) $10.00 (CAD)

Replacement Oval Horse Hair Head

SKU: 10069
  • Replacement oval horse hair head, works well for sweeping in frosty ice conditions.
  • Does not include a mounting bracket.
  • If bracket is required please purchase the complete oval horse hair head broom.
  • Not compatible with any other mounting bracket.
$45.00 (CAD)