The Four “P’s” of Curling

At Goldline, we are passionate about curling. But, curling is not just about passion - it also requires productpeople, and places to thrive!


Goldline is the place to go for all your curling equipment and apparel. We have all the tools you need to get started in the game or to take it up to the next level.

Shoes are often the starting point. At Goldline, you can pick a shoe from the ever popular Podium series. New this season is our G Force shoe featuring a full-length ¼” Teflon slider. Rounding out the selection is the Glide, with its full-length 1/16” slider.

Many curlers who are new to the sport begin by using club brooms, but at a certain point, most curlers make the decision to purchase a broom of their own. The Fiberlite broom is an excellent choice for all curlers. If you are looking to use an even lighter broom, the Carbon Fiber broom is the next logical choice. And why not top off that broom with the revolutionary Norway pad? If you are no longer able to get down into the hack, we also offer Saber and Excaliber delivery devices.

In terms of apparel, we have a broad selection of pants for both men and women. Our Oslo jackets come in a variety of colours, including our newest two-tone combo of black with pacific blue. Layering is the key to staying warm when you’re out in the ice shed: the Ice Tech Tee is a great base layer, providing warmth and breathability. And in addition to our leather mitts, we have two new styles of gloves this year: the Precision and the Thermocurl.


Ed Flowers started the business in 1967 out of his garage, but Goldline has continued to grow! We now have four retail stores in Ontario. The first retail store opened in Mississauga in the late 1980s, and the Toronto and Ottawa locations opened a few years later. In September 2011, the company proudly opened its fourth retail location in London, Ontario.

But what if you are not within driving distance of one of our retail stores? Not to worry! There are 150 distributors of Goldline product located all across Canada. Go to and click on Distributors for a complete list of where you can pick up your curling equipment and apparel.

Even if you are not within easy reach of one of our distributors, shopping is just a click away. Through our website our reach now extends around the globe. We also have a number of international distributors with whom we do business. For those living in the United States, Goldline merchandise is available from Brooms Up (in the eastern U.S.A) and from Debbie McCormick (former World champion and 3-time Olympian). Overseas, we do business with a number of nations, including Scandinavia (CurlingguHa in Norway; One Corner Curling in Sweden); Asia (Ishide Sports and Sporting Caneck in Japan; AFC in South Korea; and Curl Management in China) and the European Union (British Curling Supplies in Scotland; Goldline Europe in Switzerland).


All of the people that work at Goldline share one thing: a pure passion for the sport of curling. Be it the customer service associate at the end of the phone line, one of the staff in our retail stores or someone in the back office, we are all working towards one goal: to promote and grow the sport of curling!

Our employees and distributors are not the only people behind the Goldline name. We are also proud to sponsor a large number of curling teams around the globe. Who is on this team of Goldline Ambassadors? In Ontario, we support the teams skipped by Rachel Homan and Rob Rumfeldt. Across Canada, our ambassadors include the teams skipped by Brad GushueShannon Kleibrink and Steve Laycock. And across the pond, we have thrown our support behind teams Thomas Ulsrud in Norway and Eve Muirhead in Scotland.


Ultimately, it comes down to passion! We want to grow the sport and to do so, we continue to promote it to the world at large. Goldline is proud to sponsor curling events in the various communities in which it conducts business. A brief snapshot of the events we support:

•    In the greater Toronto area, the TCA Goldline men’s bonspiel is one of the largest bonspiels in North America. Held every January (this year’s event runs from January 12-19, 2013), the bonspiel welcomes roughly 300 teams each year! Has your team signed up yet??

•    This year, Goldline is delighted to be a sponsor of the Strathcona Cup. This unique event, held every five years, brings Scottish teams across the Atlantic to battle in cities across Canada. In total there will be over 400 games played during the 2013 competition, with the final matches and closing banquet to be held in Burlington, Ontario, Over 1,700 Canadians will participate as opposition and hosts for the Scots.

•    In April 2012, Goldline was pleased to be a sponsor of the World Men’s Curling Championships in Basel, Switzerland. And look for us again next spring when we will be in Riga, Latvia, for the 2013 World Women’s Curling championship.

•    In Scotland, we are proud to be the primary sponsor of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour.

So there you have it: Goldline’s Four “P’s” of Curling – ProductPlacesPeople & Passion.

What other “P” words can you add to the list?

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