The Norway Pad - take your sweeping to the next level!

NOTE: This post was originally published on Sept. 11, 2013

The Norway pad: it has taken the world by storm!

The Norway pad (featuring M-Brush technology) is a high performance pad that was introduced by Goldline last season If you’ve not seen or used the Norway pad, here are the key things you need to know:

  • The surface of the pad has noticeable ridges.  The ridges of the pad are where the vast majority of the debris is captured.  The pad itself is also very firm.
  • Key to the efficiency of the pad is its waterproof fabric: even in the late ends of a game, you will still see frost accumulation on the surface of the pad.
  • The fabric itself is smoother than that on the traditional nylon pad and many feel it makes a slightly louder sound when one is sweeping.

For those who have not used Norway pads before, we recommend that you clean the pad using the palm of your glove, and not to use the brush that is customarily used to clean a nylon pad.

We are frequently asked if the Norway pad causes pebble to break down more quickly on the ice surface.  We have talked to many ice makers and the collective answer we are getting is: No!

Is the pad more effective than a nylon pad? Absolutely!  We have spoken with both club curlers and high performance teams, and they all feel that the pad is highly effective.  Sweepers feel they can carry rocks further and that the pad holds up well into the later ends of the game.

Norway pads are in stock and available for purchase from any of our retail stores or online.  In addition to fluorescent orange, red, blue and white, we have added a black pad to our lineup this season.  We are also pleased to let you know that Goldline’s carbon fiber brooms will now come fitted with a Norway pad, instead of our standard nylon pad.

The Norway Pad – come into Goldline and get yours today!

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