Women's Silver 2.0 Curling Shoes

  • Podium Silver 2.0 is an evolution of the popular Podium Silver.
  • Hinged black Teflon Slider ensures optimal performance and controlled delivery.
  • Top-grain leather upper.
  • Enhanced fit, comfort and warmth.
  • Available in right-hand delivery only.


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The Podium Silver 2.0 curling shoe is aimed at the curler seeking performance without having to break the budget in the process. Built in features provide speed, stability and durability, making the Silver one of the most popular shoes on the market.

Whether you are a new curler or a curler graduating up from an entry level shoe, the silver 2.0 warrants consideration. You'll find it incorporates many features found in shoes worn by the elite curlers.

  • Top grain leather uppers give you durabiity and warmth.
  • The black Teflon slider provides you with speed similar to 3/16" Teflon - i.e. pretty quick.
  • As on the premium Podium Gold, the front slider on the Silver 2.0 is glued only part way back. From a comfort perspective this means you can walk in the shoe and it doesn’t want to keep coming off your heel. On ice, it means that whether you are flat foot or a definite toe slider, the shoe accommodates you comfortably.
  • The outsole of all Podium shoes is made with lateral structural supports in the fore area. Without such support you would slide on the ball of your foot, however with such support, your weight is distributed across the sole, providing you a wider balance platform and enhanced stability.
  • In 2015 Goldline reviewed the fit of the Podium series shoes. As a result you can now expect the fit to be similar to your street shoe size.
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