#UnitedWeCurl Fiberlite Air Broom: #BlackCurlMagic



What is #BlackCurlMagic?

It’s a celebration, a memorial, a testimony, an education, an aspiration, but mostly it’s a vibe. A celebration of the verve and vibrance of Black culture. It’s a shoutout – a tribute – to all the people who dare to show up in unexpected spaces with audacious joy, grit, and grace.

In this design, our #UnitedWeCurl partner, Deb Martin was hoping to channel the energy and innovation of the urban street art vanguards, the gatekeepers that live at the intersection of art and social commentary. All of those culture creators who specialize in turning a mess into a message.

It was also a wink and a nod to the Black GIRL Magic movement – a movement that celebrates the spirit, power, tenacity & resilience of Black women. A movement that was built to counteract the negativity & to own the narrative.

Each letter stands as its own little mural that speaks to the overall message.

From the words themselves to the context clues.

The Dora Milaje – which means “The Adored Ones”

The Black Fist – a symbol of solidarity, power and the movement for Black lives.

The Basquiat Crown – a reminder of our majesty, ambition, influence and worth.

It all adds up to a design as nuanced and dynamic as those it was designed to celebrate.

“I hope this inspires others to see us beyond our struggle as a community and appreciate the full spectrum of our lived experience & our humanity. I hope it helps normalize these crucial conversations and inspires us all to celebrate the triumphs while we work as a team to create a more inclusive, intentional culture where inclusion & equity & unity are the standard – in Curling and beyond.”
– Deb Martin a.k.a The Curling Chic

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Great design


Love the design and the designer Deb Martin. Way to go Goldline for helping promote these custom brooms.

Love It!


I love the design and colours. It is almost as light as a feather. Can’t wait to use it next season!

Thanks Goldline, for taking a stand!


I already have a 'Fire' Carbon Fibre broom, but when I saw the #UnitedWeCurl initiative, I decided to also get a #BlackCurlMagic broom. I actually think I prefer the bit of weight you can feel in the #BlackCurlMagic, so not sure which broom I'll use and which I'll let my daughter use when we curl Mixed this year! Goldline is doing more than most companies in any industry to take a stand and make a difference with the #UniteWeCurl initiative.

Highly recommended


Support a more inclusive sport AND it’s also just a great broom?? Yes please! My team loves these brooms.

Great design but bothersome skin


My son loves the design of the #BlackCurlMagic. He thinks the messages on it are empowering. He likes the black background with colourful letters. He says that it bugs him just a little to use it because he can feel the seam of the skin on the stick and gets the inclination to scratch it but he doesn't want to ruin the broom so he said he'll just use it as a back up or maybe on special occasions only. I don't mind it because I don't want it damaged anyway. I agreed to buy it more as a souvenir and not for regular use.

Black Girls curl


Love the broom.