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About Goldline Curling

Goldline Curling has a long history of serving the curling community, dating all the way back to 1967 when it was first started by our founder, Ed Flowers.

In the time since then Goldline has passed through the family tree, with Ed's son Doug running the company for many years and transforming it into the leading supplier of curling equipment in the world. In 2018 Doug passed the torch to his daughter Erin and her business partners Pete Townshend and Andrew Brett.

A passion for curling runs through the veins of our ownership group. We're all curlers ourselves, and whenever possible we hire curlers to work with us. We are obsessed with developing the absolute best curling equipment you can find anywhere on the planet.

We're also involved in this great sport at every level. Through our various partnerships and sponsorships we contribute to grassroots development of the game, learn to curl programs, bonspiels of all sizes, charitable curling events, major events, local clubs and elite level teams. You can walk into any curling club in the world and see Goldline equipment being used by local recreational curlers, and you can turn on any major event on TV and see our equipment there too.

From the first time a new curler steps on the ice, all the way to teams winning Olympic Gold, wherever there is curling, there's Goldline.

Goldline, The Choice of Champions.