Curling Brooms


5 Products


5 Products

Carbon Fiber Air Broom

Ultra light and ultra strong, the all new Carbon Fiber Air Curling Broom features advanced material and honeycomb construction, rendering it both light and durable.

Fiberlite Air Curling Broom

With high strength to weight ratio, the all new Fiberlite Air Curling Broom features advanced material and honeycomb construction at an affordable price, making it an attractive choice for recreational curlers.

FG360 Air Curling Broom

Featuring inexpensive fiberglass handles, the FG360 is an extremely affordable option for a curling broom. With the change to the Air Head 2.0, FG brooms are now lighter than many composite alternatives.

FG Air Curling Broom

Featuring an inexpensive fiberglass handle, the FG curling broom is an extremely affordable option. The FG curling broom features a stationary (non-rotating) version of the Air 2.0 Head.

Air Saber Curling Stick and Broom

Lightweight 2-in-1 curling device. Combo head includes both an Air Head and Excaliber Head in one, allowing you to be throw the rock and sweep with a single piece of equipment.

This item is currently on back order. New inventory is expected early in the summer.