Carbon Fiber Impact Broom

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  • Maximizes performance for carry, hold and carve.
  • Individually replaceable components.
  • Certified to meet WCF Specifications when paired with an Impact Pro Sleeve (sold separately).
  • Top of the line carbon fiber handle with Grip Zone Technology.


Goldline’s Carbon Fiber Impact broom merges high performance with an ease of use that is unrivalled in curling. To develop the Impact head, Goldline partnered with a Sports Engineer who is also a high performance curler. 

During the development process, various designs were contemplated, and each was run through computer simulations to model out their performance. Once a final design was selected, it was approved by the World Curling Federation (WCF), and then put through thorough on-ice testing in Morris, Manitoba utilizing a state-of-the-art rock throwing machine to ensure consistent throws.

The test results proved that the Impact broom maximizes performance for carry, hold and carve.

Individually replaceable components help to reduce the overall cost of ownership over the lifetime of the broom, and also minimizes the environmental impact.

Each Carbon Fiber Impact broom comes equipped with a highly durable Impact Rec Sleeve, offering the most effective performance. The Rec Sleeve utilizes the same fabric Goldline has been using for years in our Norway, Airway and Airway X pads, and should typically last for about 25 games, or a full season if you’re curling once per week.

For those who need it, Impact Pro Sleeves are also available. The Pro Sleeve is WCF approved and can be used in any competitive play that requires WCF certified equipment. Pro sleeves are available both individually and in packs of 10.

The Impact Head features the same quick release hosel as the Goldline Air and Air X Heads. This allows you to quickly and easily remove the entire head from the handle, either to replace or upgrade your existing head, or for easy storage and transport.

The pad assembly attaches to the head, and is made up of a two-part base, a closed cell foam and a sleeve of your choice, with each part being individually replaceable. The assembly is attached to the head by two push-buttons, giving confidence that your pad will remain in place when you need it to, while making it easy to remove when it is time to replace components.

We have also re-introduced our Grip Zone Technology to the lower third of the handle. For players who are exerting their maximum effort while sweeping, the Grip Zone will make sure your hands remain locked in place, even with your full weight applied to the broom.

The Carbon Fiber Impact broom comes pre-assembled and fully equipped with everything you need to get right on the ice. This includes a carbon fiber handle with grip coating, an Impact Head, an Impact Foam, an Impact Pad Base and an Impact Rec Sleeve.

Watch as our CEO, Pete Townshend, demonstrates how to switch the sleeve on an Impact Head.

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My new broom recommendation for all curlers


I was a big fan of my Airway head, but since I started using the new Impact head, I can't switch back. I am obsessed with the new Impact head design. I have been playing on the Ontario Women's Tour with it so far this season and can't get enough. It's so much lighter during your brush stroke. I really noticed the weight difference on my pull motion. I have tried the other brands that have similar head designs to the Impact broom, but none of them compare to it. Would highly recommend the new Impact broom to anyone at the club or tour level.

Impact et livriason


C'est des balais super, bonne fabrication et facile à défaire lorsqu'on connait la façon de les défaire. Qui devrait être pour le moment avec le balai et la marche à suivre pour un bout de temps. J'aimerais savoir pourquoi le temps de livraison a doublé? J'ai toujours eu un service très rapide pour la livraison

worth it


Nice weight... grip zone really does work