Carbon Fiber Impact Broom

  • Ultimate curling tool for serious players.
  • State-of-the-art Impact head delivers exceptional performance in carry, hold, and carve.
  • Carbon Fiber handle is lighter and stiffer for easier and more effective sweeping.
  • Grip Zone Technology in the lower third of the handle improves grip for maximum exertion.
  • Individually replaceable components reduce environmental impact and maintain high performance over time.
  • Certified to meet WCF Specifications when paired with an Impact Pro Sleeve (sold separately).


The Carbon Fiber Impact broom from Goldline is the ultimate curling tool for serious players. Featuring a state-of-the-art Impact head that has been meticulously designed and tested, this broom maximizes performance for carry, hold, and carve.

Goldline partnered with the world's top curling experts to develop the Impact head, which features a unique design optimized for maximum efficiency on the ice. The head has been approved by the World Curling Federation (WCF) and thoroughly tested in Morris, Manitoba using a state-of-the-art rock throwing machine to ensure consistent throws. The test results are conclusive: the Impact broom maximizes performance for carry, hold and carve.

The Carbon Fiber handle adds to the broom's superior performance. Carbon Fiber is a preferred material among elite curlers because it's lighter and stiffer than other materials, making it easier to sweep and more effective at directing force into the ice. Additionally, the handle features Goldline's Grip Zone Technology in the lower third, ensuring your hands remain locked in place during maximum exertion.

As with all Goldline brooms, the Carbon Fiber Impact broom is built to last. The broom's pad assembly and other components are individually replaceable, reducing your environmental impact and ensuring you can maintain your broom's high performance over time.

The Carbon Fiber Impact broom comes fully equipped with a highly durable Impact Rec Sleeve, and WCF Certified Impact Pro Sleeves are also available for competitive play. Upgrade your game and dominate on the ice with the Carbon Fiber Impact broom from Goldline.

Watch as our CEO, Pete Townshend, demonstrates how to switch the sleeve on an Impact Head.

Ratings & Reviews

My new broom recommendation for all curlers


I was a big fan of my Airway head, but since I started using the new Impact head, I can't switch back. I am obsessed with the new Impact head design. I have been playing on the Ontario Women's Tour with it so far this season and can't get enough. It's so much lighter during your brush stroke. I really noticed the weight difference on my pull motion. I have tried the other brands that have similar head designs to the Impact broom, but none of them compare to it. Would highly recommend the new Impact broom to anyone at the club or tour level.

Impact et livriason


C'est des balais super, bonne fabrication et facile à défaire lorsqu'on connait la façon de les défaire. Qui devrait être pour le moment avec le balai et la marche à suivre pour un bout de temps. J'aimerais savoir pourquoi le temps de livraison a doublé? J'ai toujours eu un service très rapide pour la livraison

worth it


Nice weight... grip zone really does work

So Happy I Upgraded to the Impact


I have had an early generation Carbon Fiber broom, and mentally could not justify buying a new broom, because mine was working well enough. 20 games or so into ownership of the Impact Broom, I'm glad I decided to upgrade. The sweeping performance is amazing, and for people who are playing multiple times a week, or going to spiels, the weight savings that seem insignificant on paper really make a difference in preventing fatigue

Grip Zone + Impact Head = Super Effective Broom


The Impact Broom is a huge upgrade from the Air broom, especially for the competitive curler. The thickness and weight of the broom's shaft makes it easy to apply pressure, and the Grip-Zone tech allows for more weight transfer into the broom head without your hands slipping down. The button mechanic is easy to use and works well-- the button screw can loosen over time, but it's a super quick fix with a paper clip (if it even loosens at all). I highly recommend this broom for anyone searching for a modern, effective, and easy-to-use curling broom!

Good sweeping


I purchased this product as a gift for my husband and he was very pleased with the wider broom that was lightweight and very colorful.

Handle is great, head is a cheap design that fails.


Out of the box I loved it. Within 3 games the pad would not stay attached to the head. Contacted customer service and they are aware of the issue and told me to tighten the rings on the underside of the head. This worked, for a short time, but it continues to be an issue. As much as I like the handle and grip zone, the head design is poor.

Happy Sweeper


I purchased this broom at the beginning of the curling season as an upgrade to my Fiberlite Air and waited a few months to give an honest review. As a club level curler this broom is in excess of what I need although I can say without a doubt that it has dramatically improved my sweeping game. In addition, the Impact Rec Sleeve is the most durable and cost effective replacement pad I have found. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is ready to commit to a top tier Carbon Fiber broom.

Must buy for intermediate or begginers.


This is a fantastic broom. Incredible for league play and beer leagues alike. Extremely happy with the quality and performance of it.

New broom


Having trouble with the head snapping on after just a few uses

RESPONSE: Hi Paddy! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We've tried to connect with you a few times but haven't been able to reach us. Please drop us a line so we can send you a replacement head with this issue resolved.

Upgrade from Hardline Broom


I decided to make a switch from my hardline broom to the Goldline Impact broom after borrowing one from someone at my club. It's a very well-made broom.

Very satisfied great customer service!


Love my broom

Difficulty with broom head


My broom head keeps in clipping from my broom. It happens all game. It’s a great product besides that.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the review, Justin. If you haven't done so already, please reach out to our customer service to see if we can correct the issue, otherwise we'll provide a warranty replacement. Please email

Love the Pride


So happy to have snagged the pride broom. It’s beautiful. Light weight, the grip zone took a bit of getting used to. Overall a great broom.

Keep up the great work!


Great broom love it for sure, but even more important to be to purchase from a company that aligns with my values.