Curling Novelties


13 Products


13 Products

Curling and Tacos T-Shirt

Why Curling and Tacos? The better question is why not! They're both awesome, and they go great together. We highly recommend that you give it a try.

Designer Curling Socks

Add a little curling fun to your wardrobe with these knitted curling motif socks.

Miniature Granite Curling Rock

The miniature granite curling rock is a great gift or memento to show your love for the sport of curling!

Curling Rock Keychain

The Goldline novelty curling rock keychain is available in blue, red or yellow.

Curling Rock Wine Bottle Stopper

Curling Rock Wine Bottle Stopper. A curling stone on the top with different coloured rock handles.

Curling Rock Tree Ornament

Enjoy a friendly reminder of your passion for curling during the holiday season. The curling rock tree ornament is a favourite of curling fans every year.  This little curling rock sculpture is almost 2″ tall, 1.5″ wide and 1.5″ long.

National Curling Rock Flag Pins

These Canadian curling rock flag pins make a great addition to anyone's pin collection. Great as a bonspiel prize or to bring to a bonsiel!

Written in Stone: A Modern History of Curling

Written in Stone: A Modern History of Curling tells the story of competitive curling in Canada, starting with the beer-soaked Briers of the 1980s and following its evolution into the current, borderline-professional game.