Curling Accessories


7 Products


7 Products

Goldline Curling Stopwatch

The Goldline stopwatch provides an accurate, easy to read, and economical means to time rocks. The timing function is simple to use. A heavy duty battery ensures long life.

Personal broom Bag

Personal Burling broom Bag by Goldline. Easily holds four brooms, plus accessories.

Curling Knee Pad

The Goldline curling knee pad, sometimes known as a slack saver, is used by curlers who drag their knee during delivery. It protects your slacks and provides some cushioning for your knee.

Rockwatcher Curling Timer

The Rockwatcher is a rock timer specifically designed for curling. It fastens directly to your broom handle.

Tuff Toe Multisport Curling Shoe Toe Coat Kit

The Goldline toe coat kit is used to apply a tough epoxy coating to the toe of a curler's trailing foot. The coating protects the toe of the shoe from abrasion and provides a more friction free surface to contact the ice.

Universal Curling Lace Cover

Universal curling shoe lace cover. Reduces drag caused by the laces of the dragging foot.

Curling Socks

Goldline curling socks. Specifically designed for curling. Keeps you warm and dry.