Adult Curling Helmet

  • Curling helmet designed to protect your head in case of a fall on the ice.
  • Passed testing on CE EN 1077-2007 standard.
  • Cushioned lining for comfort.
  • Ventilated to allow air flow.
  • Adjusting dial for precise fit and comfort.


Goldline curling helmets are designed to protect your head in any fall on the ice, and exceed CE EN 1077-2007 test standards. They feature a cushioned lining for comfort and are ventilated to allow air flow. All three sizes have adjusting dials for precise fit and comfort.

Small 52 to 56 cm

Medium 56 to 58 cm

Large 58 to 62 cm

Ratings & Reviews

15 Reviews

Helmet saved my head from taking a bad hit to the ice


I’m from Florida, I don’t have a lot of experience on the ice, so I decided I felt more comfortable in a helmet. I’ve been curling 2 seasons and haven’t had a fall. Until last night when someone walking passed me accidentally caught the edge of my gripper with his shoe and my gripper came off without me knowing. The bad news is I took my first curling fall, the good news is the helmet hit the ice and not my head!

curling helmet


excellent helmet. fits well and is very comfortable.

ReDesign Required


I'll continue to wear it for protection but believe it could undergo a redesign to address lack of ventilation (it's darn hot) and impairs vision when in the hack.

Good Product


Good product. Very adjustable and fits well. Is no hot on the ice.

The perfect helmet!!


I measured my head and ordered on line and the helmet was a perfect fit. It is not heavy, very comfortable and I feel protected on the ice. Everything I order from Goldline is always to my satisfaction.

Light weight, well fitting but "HOT" wearing helmet with small fixed vents. n from hack


I agree with Ron Barauskas. The venting built into the helmet is insufficient and the vents are fixed and cannot be adjusted by the user. The front of the helmet could be improved for better vision from the perspective of the hack. Otherwise, the helmet does the job. I contacted Goldline and am awaiting a response as to whether one could "expand" (further open the vents) without compromising the integral safety of the helmet. We shall see what the response is.

Curling helmet


Perfect fit , great service.

Safety First


Great protection for keeping your head safe on the ice.



Bought for my husband as a Christmas gift. He loves it. Nice and light and adjustable.

Room for improvement.


Light weight, comfortable, pleasing appearance and I have confidence it would provide great protection. I find the fastening bucket hard to use and sometimes it does not latch correctly and comes undone. Once I get it latched properly it stays done up. Also, when I am in the hack and during the delivery the helmet tends to obscure my vision. I have to push it back before every delivery.

Curling helmet strap


Very happy with the customer service I received when ordering by phone. The helmet got here within 2 days. Only negative about the helmet is the strap. Very confusing and difficult to figure out how to tighten it. . The strap is so long. I had to take it to a local sport shop to adjust it for me.. still not sure how to adjust it myself. Love the curling helmet though. Comfortable.

Feeling confident


I purchased this curling helmet and I'm thoroughly impressed with its quality.. It fits comfortably and securely on my head, and its easy to wear for extended periods of time. Overall, this curling helmet has exceeded my expectations and I feel confident knowing that I'm protected while playing my favourite sport. Five stars!

Confidence from Safety


This helmet is unfortunately not available in Scotland where I curl. Despite curling for most of my adult life increasing age means that I have to take more care and having seen some nasty head injuries on the ice, this helmet seemed to be just the job both from a safety and aesthetic perspective! I was delighted with the service and the helmet has restored confidence when moving quickly on the ice helping ensure my curling is as enjoyable as it can be! (Envious colleagues!)

Safety First !!


Curlers are loving the Goldline helmets ⛑ they are receiving!! Hope to sell many more to members as we keep pushing all types of Goldline head gear !!

Helmets and ponytails


I like my helmet, but please modify your design to allow for a ponytail. Many of the women at our club have voiced support for this idea.