Air Head X

  • Sweep more effectively for weight, thanks to a 16% increase in surface area when compared to the Air Head.
  • The Air Head X features the same advanced construction and materials as the already popular Air Head.
  • Features a sliding bar to accommodate any angle of the broom at delivery.
  • Works exclusively with the Airway X and Air Pro X pads from Goldline Curling. Fully WCF compliant when paired with Air Pro X pads.
  • This is a replacement head that will fit on existing handles of either 1" or 1 1/8" diameter.
  • Note: to allow you to customize your broom as you would like it, pads are not included with the individually purchased Air Head Xs.


The Air Head X from Goldline curling features all of the advanced construction and materials of the Air Head. A 16% increase in pad surface area makes this a very effective tool when sweeping for weight.

Match this Air Head X pad with an Airway X pad for the ultimate sweeping tool at the recreational level. You can quickly and easily switch to the Air Pro X pad when you play in a league or event that requires WCF compliance.

The addition of a sliding bar accommodates any angle of the broom at delivery.

This listing is for the Air Head X only. The head will fit your existing 1" or 1 1/8" handle. To allow you to customize the broom as you would like it, pads are not included with the individually purchased Air Head Xs.

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Cindy H.


This is amazing!!!!!! I was not an effective sweeper because I don't have a lot of upper body strength, this changed my game. The bigger surface area really helps. I finally am able to feel like my sweeping made a difference.

Got what I ordered


Exactly as advertised.

Good service


once I got the right product all is good

Air Head X


Great head for sweepers, the added size(16%) gives that little bit extra to help the team control their shots

Five stars for performance; three for durability.


Unfortunately, this is my third head for my broom. The first lost all front-to-back tension after very little use. I was provided a new one at no cost by Goldline, and while it did last a good deal longer, it still lost tension after about two seasons. Nonetheless, I love this broom and the Air X head, as I have tried others and believe I can be a more effective sweeper with this model. So, I bought the second replacement head. All things considered, the cost of a new head every few years is worth the performance of the broom.

Warranty replacement


Fast service for the replacement head. Had it in 3 days.



Excellent service de votre part et belle compréhension du problème malgré la distance et le respect de la garantie

Great product!


My son loves this product and I am so pleased with the amazing customer service we received to get him this! Thank you!

Thank you!


Thank you! Goldline stands behind their products!! Bob

Replacement Air Head


The replacement broom head arrived on the date indicated. The unfortunate part is I ordered the wrong size however Goldline is working with me to get the proper size from their Calgary store. That is good because I live in Lethbridge.