Tuff Toe Multisport Curling Shoe Toe Coat Kit

  • Simply apply a thick epoxy coating to your dragging foot.
  • The toe coat reduces drag and protects the toe from wear.
  • Coats 4-6 shoes.
  • Kit contents should be used within 30 days of opening.


The Tuff Toe Multisport toe coat kit is used to apply a tough epoxy coating to the toe of a curler's trailing foot. The coating protects the toe of the shoe from abrasion and provides a more friction free surface to contact the ice.

The toe coat kit includes a two part epoxy and the components required to apply it to the toe of a shoe. The purpose of a toe coat is twofold: protect the toe of the dragging foot from abrasion from the pebble; and, provide a surface on the dragging toe that is faster than the shoe itself. The application will outlast the shoe.

The kit includes instructions. It is actually quite simple to use. We suggest trying it on an old shoe first. Each kit will do approximately four to six shoes. The full kit contents should be used within 30 days of opening.

Ratings & Reviews

3 Reviews

Works Great


Works great, and I am now sliding like a bullet train.

Don't do it!


Don't try to DIY, bring your shoes in to have them done. I watched the instructional videos and tried on a test shoes and it did not go well at all. 1) the product might come with enough solution to coat 5 or 6 shoes but there are only 2 applicator tips which are not reusable. 2) It is very hard to squeeze the liquid out fast enough to get a good coat. If you pause at all, you're toast, if you lift the tip up, your toast. It is too risky, don't destroy your expensive shoes trying to save a few dollars on this product!

Works well


If you have small hands or not a lot of hand strength the applicator is difficult to use. Be fully prepared when applying because it sets up quick. More than one surface, move quick and a helper would be beneficial. Adds speed to your slide!