Quantum Slider Discs

  • Four different speeds to choose from.
  • Personalize your Quantum Curling Shoes to match your curling abilities.
  • To change speeds you can pick up a new set, pop out the old discs and replace them with your new ones.


Quantum Slider Discs are at the core of the Quantum Shoe system. The discs are sold in sets of seven and are available with three different speed ratings.

Speed 7

Moderate speed, similar to 5/32" traditional slider. White Teflon.

Speed 10

Fast, similar to 1/4" traditional slider. White Teflon.

Speed 12

Very fast, outperforms any Teflon slider. Sainless steel.

Here's what Doug Flowers, President of Goldline Curling, has to say about the Speed 12 Quantum Sliding Discs: If you have experience with a full slider of any type, don't be a afraid to give steel a try. It is definitely quick, however the Quantum is so stable that it is easy to get accustomed to. I curl in a competitive senior league with a number of accomplished senior curlers. The steel discs have given them their slide back, with no complaints of instability.

Ratings & Reviews

Quantum slider and gripper discs.


Really do like the quantum shoes, gripper and slider discs work good, however you want to have spares close by as they do break periodically if you catch them on hacks or boards. Very good customer service as well.

Very satisfied with these gliders


I’m very satisfied with these new gliders. Just the right speed for my level. Got use to them pretty quickly after using 5 for first few years.

Order Expectations Met


Received my order promptly. Very satisfied with all aspects of this order.

Bring them back


I bought and use the Stainless steal discs they are great !!!

Stainless Steel disk problem


I have over 50 yrs experience curling - competitive to rec. Gone through numerous shoes and the Quantum is great. Problem with Stainless Sliders is that the heal disks on my shoes scratch the ice. Numerous people have tried my shoes, Kevin Martin also with the same effect. Defect in the shoe?? I have to use two Teflon disks in the heal.



The service was great, shipping was great, however the product itself seems to have issues. I have used these replacements sliders for multiple years and have never had a problem with them until this package. The sliders don’t seem to be attached to the base well and are coming apart.

Overpriced products


I find this product very overpriced. I also do not agree with the 7 as a slower slide speed. I'm quite disappointed

RESPONSE: Sorry you are unhappy with the pricing, Stacey. PTFE / Teflon is, unfortunately, a very pricey material. If you'd like to provide more detailed feedback on the slide speed, please email store@goldlinecurling.com. We take customer feedback seriously and want to ensure accuracy in our rating system.

Good product!


I appreciate this product a lot. Very fast shipping. Very very nice customer service!!!



Replaced 6 or 7 year old Discs but did not notice any difference in speed...tried to get stainless steel discs but was told I could not get them anymore.

Nothing but praise


Very good customer service, in a crazy world right now , it’s nice to see a company that truly cares about its customers,