Curling Shoe Slider Application

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$89.99 to $149.99
  • Teflon slider application in your choice of thickness.
  • Can be applied to non-curling shoes to create your own custom shoes.
  • Can be applied to existing curling shoes for reconditioning or to adjust the speed of your slide.
  • Having trouble finding the perfect left-handed shoes? Let us make you a custom pair!
  • Typical installation is a split slider, as shown, but all custom options can be accommodated. Velcro, circular, full length, etc.
  • For fully custom shoes, should be paired with a gripper application on opposite foot.
  • This item is for the Teflon and application only. Shoes, gripper, toe coat and other add-ons not included.


Goldline Curling's shoe shop has years of experience in applying custom Teflon applications to all kinds of shoes. Over the years we've seen everything you can imagine, from converting non-curling shoes into something unique to repairing a trusted pair of shoes that you're not ready to give up on yet.

Choose the Teflon thickness that meets your need, provide the pair of shoes and tell us what you'd like us to do and our skilled shoe shop will get you your perfect pair of curling shoes.

Unless otherwise specified, our shoe shop will assume a standard application of left foot split-slider as shown here, but we're happy to accommodate whatever request you have. Stability indents, circular, full length, velcro, etc. Whatever special requirements you have, we can get it done!

This listing is for the Teflon required and the application. You will need to provide the shoes and should purchase a gripper application for your opposite foot. A toe-coat application and an antislider slip-on gripper are both highly recommended.

Please allow up to two weeks from when your shoes arrive in our shop for the work to be complete. If you have specific timelines you need to meet, contact our customer service team, who will be happy to assist.

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Good Service


Slider replaced service very good and efficient. Staff very pleasant and helpful only took 3-4 days for complete job.

Love them


Expensive, but love my shoes. Bought skate board shoes and had two piece slider attached and full gripper and toe cap. Comfortable, stable and light. Great investment



Very happy with the spider application!

Great Customization!


I had customization done to a pair of Nike Metcons. I could not be happier with results. Great feel in the slide. Great toe dip on the trailing foot. Best balance I've ever felt in a curling shoe. Great Job Goldline!