Head First Protective Curling Headgear: Toque

  • Toque provides protection to the back of the head in the event of the fall.
  • Falls happen to even the most seasoned curlers, but don't worry, Goldline's exclusive protective headgear is specifically designed to reduce injury, while incorporating popular hat styles.


Head First

Falls happen to even the most seasoned curlers, but don’t worry, Goldline’s exclusive Head First protective headgear is specifically designed to reduce injury, while incorporating popular styles.

The protective component is made of the same strong material as bicycle helmets - expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The EPS is sandwiched between a thin polycarbonate outer shell and an inner layer of foam - in the event of a fall, deceleration is managed as the EPS is crushed.

Head First and CSA Approval?

There is currently no test standard specific to headgear that protects only in the event of a fall onto the back of the head. Biokinetics an Ottawa-based testing company, suggested that the impact test from the CSA hockey helmet standard was the closest relevant test to simulate a fall to the ice. Therefore the impact test from the CSA ice hockey helmet standard was used to test the Head First line of products. The Head First headgear passed this impact test.


Head First headgear offers a perfect platform for adding your custom logo. Please contact customer service for pricing and details.

Ratings & Reviews

Not suitable for junior curlers?


I bought 2 of these for my kids a year ago (Sept/Oct 2017), they are both under 12, and new CSA rules required head protection. Now a year later (Oct 2018) I'm required to use something that meets CSA standards... which this does not (unless anyone can clarify?). Unless this meets standards, it seems to be a product to avoid, at least for juniors... OWNER'S RESPONSE: There does need to be more clarity around helmet requirements for curling in Canada. At present there is no CSA standard for protective headgear for the sport of curling. This particular product was tested to the CSA standards for hockey helmets, and passed. However, that does not mean it is CSA approved for use in curling, as that designation is not currently possible.

Nice Headgear


Purchased 2 Sm/Med for my kids and the fit was great. Some padding on sides & front would be nice.

Great customer support


Comfortable toque, and the hard foam block doesn't look weird when you wear it. I ordered a large but found it too big. Goldline was great about taking it back and sending the small/medium immediately. Refund/RMA process was flawless.

Head protection


Not comfortable with the chin strap. Rather itchy. When I fell, the hat fell off but fortunately I managed not to hurt my head.

RESPONSE: Sue, we're so sorry to hear you fell! It sounds like you have a replacement in the works with our customer service, I hope this one stays on your head and you continue to stay safe and healthy!

Good for kids that are always cold.


My son found the hat extremely warm, too warm. An he is a heavy sweater to start with as he sweeps the majority of the game. He went back to the thinner grey and black original headgear toque he had.

I wear my Goldline toque while skating.


I've worn my Goldline toque twice so far, while skating, after hearing about the products from a friend. I've fortunately not fallen, so am unable to speak to how effective it is at preventing concussion. However, it does give me comfort in knowing that I have taken a step to reduce the risk of concussion - without having to resort to wearing a hockey helmet. And it keeps me warm at the same time.

Doesn't look as silly as I thought it might


Fits well, gives me the extra confidence and security I was looking for as a new curler.

Great Hat!


great hat-comfortable and easy to wear.



Member is very happy with the item.

Gripping is great


Provides good protection for the back of the head.