Men's Right Handed G50 Azul Curling Shoes (Speed 11)

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  • Wrapped in our IceKnit fabric, this curling shoe is lightweight, durable, insulated for warmth and very flexible.
  • Azul shoes are rated as speed 11, with a 1/4" Teflon slider making it ideal for curlers looking to maximize their slide.
  • Flexible upper and stable outsole for the perfect combination of balance and mobility.
  • Equipped with Goldline's gripper technology, the gold standard of stability and widely regarded as the best in the market for sure footing.
  • To protect the toe of your G50 shoe, Goldline strongly recommends adding a toe coat with all G50 shoes.
  • These Azul shoes are designed for right-handed curlers and come with a slider on the left foot and a gripper on the right foot.


Show off your style with this knock out red, white and blue design! These shoes share all the features of the G50 Cyclone curling shoes from Goldline.

These red hot shoes are built on Goldline Curling's popular G50 platform and wrapped in IceKnit fabric, marrying performance and durability with flexibility and fashion.

Azul shoes feature an upgraded Teflon slider that is faster and more durable than earlier G50 models, giving the 1/4" Teflon a speed rating of 11.

These curling shoes are designed for right-handed curlers, featuring a slider on the left foot and a premium rubber gripper sole on the right foot. The slider has strategically placed indents on the toe and heel that distribute weight to the periphery, enhancing stability. This makes the Azul a great option for anyone looking for high end stability features and the best available Teflon sliding speed.

Shoes rated as Speed 11 will maximize your sliding speed out of the hack, reducing leg stress and making it easier to achieve precision even with full take out weight.

All Goldline shoes are designed with curling in mind, gaining features that custom-converted running shoes may lack. Three features to watch for with curling shoes are:

  1. Lateral stability. It is important for curling shoes to have lateral stability, reducing the ability of the shoe to flex and twist down its length. Without sufficient lateral stability in a curling shoe there is an increased risk of rolling your ankle during delivery.
  2. Toe box. Goldline Curling shoes include a toe box, which is also designed to protect you from injury. We don't recommend kicking a 44 lb granite rock with running shoes, your toes will not be the ones to win that battle!
  3. Insulation. Unless you're playing in front of a crowd of thousands with high temperature television lights on you, it probably gets pretty cold on the ice. We help to keep your feet warm by insulating our shoes.

Ratings & Reviews

8 Reviews

Happy one


I received the shoes quickly and I was able to practice with them a few times (while the club was opened). I'm super satisfied with the feeling and the quality of the slide. Great look also !

Sensational Service


Sensational service and the lovely Mandi went the extra mile to get the products shipped to New Zealand. Mandi went the extra mile and posted a video of my shoe having the Tuff Toe Toe Coat applied

I love these shoes!


Very comfortable and the fit is perfect. These are my first curling shoes and I am still trying to adjust to the speed but I am excited to use these for a long time. To better match the color of the shoe, I did my own toe coat using the Tuff Toe Blue (Royal) and I am pleased with the look. Highly Recommend!

Stylish, comfortable and excellent glide properties


The shoe is very comfortable, sliding is effortless with very good directional control. Also had many comments on how stylish they look. Great shoe!

The standard for off-the-shelf curling shoes


After getting a season in with these shoes, I can safely say that I really enjoy them. These are probably the most common model of curling shoe in my club, and I think there's a great reason for it. They're comfortable, look good, feel stable to slide in, have a generous toe box, and have a nice quality feel to them. Just be aware that your first time out on the ice with the gripper shoe may be a bit slick. Might be residual "oil" used to release the rubber from its mold. I recommend wiping your gripper shoe on a rug to temper that slick feeling, but it'll eventually settle in.

Good fit. Sizes same as running shoes


Have not used them yet. But they fit perfect. Will start with them next year.

Great Shoes


When needing a new pair of curling shoes, I spent a fair bit of time reading online reviews and checking different brands and styles and finally decided on these for their look and others comments. So far I have curled 2 games and I really like my news shoes. I am coming from a 3/16" Teflon slider to these, and the speed difference is noticeable and will take some time to adjust to. I find them more comfortable than my previous Balance Plus shoes and they are most certainly lighter. When I bought these, I also ordered with the toe cap. If I had one complaint its that the cap is black. When buying colourful shoes, it would have been great if the cap had been in Royal Blue the same as the shoe. This would never stop me from ordering from Goldline again, but it was a small detail that would have been nice. Overall, I am very impressed and very happy with my purchase.

Inside junk


Nice comfortable lightweight shoe. The heal area inside just didn’t last