Men's Right Handed G50 Velocity Curling Shoes (Speed 10)

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  • Features a 1/4" Teflon slider, rated as a Speed 10.
  • Strategically placed indents on the toe and heel of the slider distribute weight to the periphery, enhancing stability.
  • Speed 10 sliders are perfect for experienced curlers interested in maximizing their sliding speed.
  • Flexible upper and stable outsole for the perfect combination of balance and mobility.
  • Equipped with Goldline's gripper technology, the gold standard of stability and widely regarded as the best in the market for sure footing.
  • To protect the toe of your G50 shoe, Goldline strongly recommends adding a toe coat with all G50 shoes.
  • These Velocity shoes are designed for right-handed curlers and come with a slider on the left foot and a gripper on the right foot.


Goldline’s new line-up of G50 shoes includes Stance, Breeze, Swift and Velocity. These shoes are athletic, fashionable and packed with performance. All four styles feature a flexible upper and stable outsole for the perfect combination of balance and mobility.

These Velocity curling shoes feature a top-of-the-line 1/4" Teflon slider on the left foot (for right-handed curlers) and a premium rubber gripper sole on the right foot. The slider has strategically placed indents on the toe and heel that distribute weight to the periphery, enhancing stability. This makes the Velocity a great option for anyone looking for high end stability features and the best available Teflon sliding speed.

Shoes rated as Speed 10 will maximize your sliding speed out of the hack, reducing leg stress and making it easier to achieve precision even with full take out weight.

The G50 style is also available with more moderate Speed 5 and Speed 7 options. The Swift offers great value for performance with a 5/32" Teflon, Speed 7 slider and stability indents. The Breeze is rated as a Speed 5 with a 3/32" Teflon slider. The Stance offers a "double gripper" version of the G50, with grippers on both feet.

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Finally a Curling Shoe That Has It All!


As a competitive curler, I've tried a lot of different shoes and have always wondered why they are like dress shoes and why they are so heavy. These shoes are the first that I've tried that honestly have it all. The speed, the flexibility and breathability for sweeping, the warmth for skipping. They are light weight and the gripper foot is like a winter tire on the ice. I suggest paying the extra to get the Speed 10 (1/4 inch slider). Even if you are a new curler, the extra speed will help.

LOVE these shoes!


I've worn Ultimo and Asham shoes in the past. These G50 Velocity's are far and away my favourite! I was shocked at how warm they are for being such a lightweight shoe (especially important when skipping). I didn't think my last shoes were that bad... until my delivery showed up and I took the Velocity's onto the ice. The increased sliding speed almost caught me off guard, but I adjusted quickly and will never go back.

Satisfaction moyenne.


Bonjour, soulier confortable. Déçu de la qualité pour le pied droit sur la glisse car le caoutchouc Sur la pointe du pied se décolle Tranquillement. Avec cette information, je n’aurais pas acheté se produit en magasin.



Extremely light, warm and comfortable.

Exceptional curling shoes! A++


I just recently broke in these shoes in my Curling League this last week. I absolutely love these curling shoes. They are very comfortable, they fit me perfectly, they are great to have in curling. The Teflon is 1/4" thick and I feel like it's given me so much more speed. For the past year I've been using Olson 1/16" Teflon Crosskick Curling shoes and got used to them but wasn't getting my potential top speeds. These Goldline shoes are a huge upgrade where I am literally flying on the ice and feel so much more stability in my game and deliveries. These shoes are worth every penny! I was also recommended to get these shoes from a US National curler and from my league.