Replacement EPS Protective Plate for Head First

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  • EPS Protective Plate: Essential for curlers' safety
  • Premium Material: Crafted from impact-absorbing EPS
  • Effortless Replacement: Easy to replace after a fall or damage
  • Seamless Integration: Discreetly fits within Head First headgear
  • Play with Confidence: Stay safe on the curling rink


EPS Protective Plate: Safeguard Your Game

Curling is all about finesse and strategy, but accidents can happen to anyone on the ice. Goldline presents the EPS Protective Plate, a vital piece of our innovative Head First protective headgear line. Designed to blend seamlessly with your style while providing essential protection, this discreet accessory offers peace of mind on the curling rink.

Exceptional Protection, Effortless Replacement

Much like a trusty bike helmet, the EPS Protective Plate is your go-to guardian on the ice. Crafted from expanded polystyrene (EPS), the same robust material found in bicycle helmets, this plate is engineered to absorb impact forces during falls. It's sandwiched between a thin polycarbonate outer shell and a layer of foam, ensuring your safety without compromising comfort.

But we understand that accidents can take a toll, and your safety is our priority. That's why we've made replacement a breeze. Every piece of our Head First protective headgear features a zippered pouch that securely holds the EPS Protective Plate. Should you ever take a hard fall or notice any damage, simply replace it to maintain peak protection.

Choose the EPS Protective Plate, part of the Head First protective headgear line by Goldline, because your safety on the curling rink is our top priority. Stay in the game, stay safe, and play with confidence.

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