#UnitedWeCurl Fiberlite Air Broom: Indigenous Culture

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The Indigenous Culture broom was designed for us by Greyden Yee Louison from the Kahkewistahaw First Nation. The imagery he has selected is powerful, and you can learn about it as described here in Greyden's own words:

At the top of the broom, I have the sweetgrass and peace pipe.

For the Indigenous people, the peace pipe is looked at as a sacred object. When people go to church, they use the bible to pray to the creator, this is our way to pray to the creator.

Sweetgrass is inserted into the peace pipe and Indigenous people would smoke it for ceremonies and to pray. When the sweetgrass is burned, the smoke from it goes to heaven. This is how they tie together with one another.

Back when our Indigenous leaders met with the government to sign the treaties, the peace pipe was used to sign them.

Going down the broom, the eagle feather is regarded as a sacred gift to have and we wear the eagle feather on our regalia when we dance because it holds a lot of power and strength.

When I was younger, I was told by a teacher who taught me dance that if you do not treat the eagle feather with respect an elder can take it away from you until you have proved that you can look after it. This always stuck with me and I will never forget it.

I put the eagle on the broom because my mom and I always liked seeing bald eagles and we would always stop to take pictures of them because they’re also a sacred animal to Indigenous people.

Another reason why I wanted the eagle on the broom is that on the flag for my reservation, Kahkewistahaw First Nation, that we use to recognize ourselves, there is an eagle.

Lastly, we get to the sun which has the MMIWG red hand logo. This symbol means a lot to Indigenous people, the red hand represents a sad reality that Indigenous women and young girls have no voice in society and we need to protect them because women in my culture are regarded as powerful and known as life-givers because they can give birth to our children.

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A beautiful broom with an important and powerful message!


I strongly encourage all curlers to consider supporting the #UnitedWeCurl broom series and to bring the conversation of inclusion to their local curling clubs. My gratitude to Goldline Curling for being a change agent!



The broom is beautiful. I seen it as it was being made but being able to hold it was something else



Completely satisfied with the brooms we ordered. Had a bit of trouble getting both brooms, but the person we dealt with was proactive in making sure our order was filled in a timely fashion and we are impressed with her!

Beautiful to Look At An Honour to Use


Such a gorgeous work of art! And such awesome customer service - by far the most beautiful and meaningful special broom

Indigenous Culture Broom


Beautiful broom! Honored to use it!

Buy for the design, use for the effectiveness


I got this broom because of the design and the ability to proudly support the ideals behind the design. However I've also found I can drag a stone farther with this broom than with my other brooms -which are not Goldline brooms. I'd buy this broom again.



Very awesome job done by Goldline and my Nephew for creating the Indigenous Broom

Quality Broom and Supports a Great Initiative.


The broom is excellent. I already own one without the graphic but the program that this broom supports is so needed and valuable that I didn't hesitate to buy one (two, actually -- I donated one to a First Nations women's team). The fact that the artist's work is gorgeous was an added and very much appreciated bonus.

Awesome Broom!!


I received my broom in a very short time, much shorter than the order stated. It looks exactly like the photos and works great! I love the explanations of the design from the artist! That encouraged me to purchase after I read it! Thank you!

Great handle and head combination


I wanted this broom handle for two reasons. 1) to show my support (in a admittedly small way) and 2) to have a slightly heavier handle, 1 1/8 inch diameter with a Goldline Air X head for my "delivery broom". This has worked out on both those two fronts... comments from fellow curlers on the ice and non curling daughters on the designs on the handle, leading to discussions of culture and life. Also my delivery has become more consistent and smoother. I continue to use a carbon fibre broom when a dedicated sweeper, yet with this great broom and head combo I have the option to get up and going on my own stone if necessary...

Great purchase!


It is light, handle size is great. Love the curling broom.

Beautiful design


Excellent. Love the design Expected Goldline quality.

Sweep and Support


I love the design and what it represents! It is a great conversation starter on this topic. The broom itself is very light and the pads are so easy to change, I can switch them out in seconds. I am very happy with this purchase.

Great artwork!


Love the broom. Had an issue with the broom head but was easily resolved with the great support.

UNITED IN CURLING indigenous culture.


Thank you for promptly sending me my new "united in curling" broom. It sure got people talking at my curling club. The inspiration behind its design is just wonderful... keep up the good work.



I love this broom! Light weight, strong and beautifully decorated.