Head First Protective Curling Headgear: Headband

  • Headband protects the back of the head in the event of a fall.
  • Falls happen to even the most seasoned curlers, but don't worry, Goldline's exclusive protective headgear is specifically designed to reduce injury, while incorporating popular hat styles.


Head First™

Falls happen to even the most seasoned curlers, but don’t worry, Goldline’s exclusive Head First protective headgear is specifically designed to reduce injury, while incorporating popular styles.

The protective component is made of the same strong material as bicycle helmets - expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The EPS is sandwiched between a thin polycarbonate outer shell and an inner layer of foam - in the event of a fall, deceleration is managed as the EPS is crushed.

Head First and CSA Approval?

There is currently no test standard specific to headgear that protects only in the event of a fall onto the back of the head. Biokinetics an Ottawa-based testing company, suggested that the impact test from the CSA hockey helmet standard was the closest relevant test to simulate a fall to the ice. Therefore the impact test from the CSA ice hockey helmet standard was used to test the Head First line of products. The Head First headgear passed this impact test.


Head First headgear offers a perfect platform for adding your custom logo. Please contact customer service for pricing and details.

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Protective headband


Order received in short time and product looked very protective. Sadly it did not work for the person needing it, but would still highly recommend it. Very good quality.

Comfort and safety


I am happy with the head band. It is comfortable and looks ok. I had a fall and concussion curling and feel much safer wearing it.

Head band


Product is great. Fits well. Will even wear it whenever I am out for my daily walk in case of fall.

Returning Customer

- |

Head gear protection . Not yet sure about the look. Seems to fit well. Hopefully I’ll wear it once season starts.

Must Have Protection


I recently had a fall while curling and ended up flat on my back. This protective headband saved me from a terrible head injury. I actually hit the handle of the rock and I heard a loud crack as my head hit the ice. The crack was the protective part of the headband. If not for it, I would have ended up in the hospital with a serious head injury. As it is, I have a big egg on the back of my head and a headache, but it would have been much worse without this headband. If you are considering purchasing this item, please do and get yourself the protection you need while out there on the ice. A slip and fall can happen to the best of us.

Karen, I’m so glad to hear that this helped protect your head when you fell. If you haven’t done so already, please connect with our customer service so you can get a replacement EPS plate. The fall likely compromised the plate, and we want to make sure you remain safe in case you ever fall again.

Pricey Protection


Purchased for protection I hope I won’t need. Good to know they will replace the protection piece if you do have a fall. I think the price is out of line for what goes into it, but there isn’t much competition. The after service is great. The stitching on mine unravelled at the first wearing and they replaced it right away.

Head Band


Excellent service